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How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

When you buy a new Android phone,the first thing you want to do is transferring contacts from old Android to new Android phone directly,as we all know that transferring contacts may be the first and most important thing for new mobile phone users. But it's not that easy if you don't have enough experience,some times you may lost data on your android phone. Luckily, there are many tools that can copy your contacts between Android phones. One of them is Phone Transfer.

Transfer contacts from Android to Android phone
Phone Transfer is a wonderful phone data transfer tool that allows you to transfer data such as messages, contacts, music and pictures from Android phone to new Android phone with ease. You can free download this Mobile Phone Transfer and install it on your computer, and please make sure you have iTunes on the computer or you’ll have to install it too. Let’s teach you how to  transfer all data from Android to Android only few steps.

Download Mac Version Download Mac Version

How to Copy Contacts from Android to Android

Step 1: Connect Android phone and iPhone to the computer

Launch the program and click the Start. Then connect both Android phone and iPhone to the computer via their USB cables.

Step 2: Select content to copy to new phone

Once the software has detected these two phones, they will appear on the window. You can click "Flip" to change their places. Your old Android phone should
be the source phone placed on the left, and your iPhone, the destination phone, should be put on the right.
Then you have to choose content to transfer. To copy SMS, you only need to check Text messages and uncheck the others.

Step 3: One click to switch Android SMS to iPhone

Once you have selected the files to copy, just click "Start Copy" to start the SMS transferring. When the transfer is done, click "OK" to finish it.

Now you can read the transferred text messages on your new iPhone 5s, right? Is it amazing? Not until this moment do you find it so easy to transfer data from Android phone to Android with Phone Transfer.

Download Mac Version Download Mac Version

Want to transfer all contents from Android to new Android phone as well? Download the software right now!

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Transfer data from samsung galaxy to iPhone with Android to iPhone Transfer

Because the Samsung and iPhone run different OS,the Samsung running Android operating system;and the iPhone running iOS operating system.However,to transfer data between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy mobile phone,you need to use third-part mobile phone transfer tool.

Many mobile phone users want to use iOS iPhone,like iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s,rather instead of using their old Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Notes.Some people search related question about: transfer data from samsung galaxy to iPhone 4s,transfer contacts from samsung galxy s3 to iPhone 5,copy data from samsung galxy s2 to iPhone 4s,ect.
transfer samsung galaxy to iphone
Today,let’s teach you how to transfer data between Samsung and iPhone directly.
To copy data between iPhone and Android phone, thanks to Phone Transfer, which allowed you transfer any data between Samsung Galaxy and iPhone,such as contacts, text messages, photos,music,ect. No matter you use Android phone, Symbian or iPhone phone. You can use the Android to iPhone Transfer easily transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 5s including email, address, job title, etc to your new iPhone.

Download Phone Transfer on your computer and have it a try:

Download Mac Version Download Mac Version

Tips: If you want to buy a new iPhone 6,you can transfer data from Samsung to iPhone 6 directly.You can also use this phone transfer to copy data from iPhone to Samsung mobile phone directly.

Let’s take transfer contacts between Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 as example

3 steps to copy data from Samsung Galaxy S3 to iPhone 5:

Step 1: Run the Phone to Phone Transfer on PC
After you downloading Phone Transfer, install it and launch it.
Then, you will see the following window:

Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone
Note: If you didn’t install iTunes before, you will be asked to install it and keep on using Phone Transfer.

Step 2: Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 to PC
After you have Phone Transfer well installed on your computer, you will be asked to connect your Samsung and iPhone to the computer via 2 USB cables. After connecting your phones to the computer, you will see the two phones are detected out and displayed as “Source” and “Destination”. You can click “Flip” if you want to change the source and destination phone.

Transfer Samsung data to iPhone
Step 3: Transfer contacts,sms,photos between Galaxy S3 and iPhone

You can start syncing Samsung contacts to iPhone once your devices are recognized by the system. If you want to transfer contacts only, you can mark the box in front of “Contacts” and then click “Start Copy”.
Note: Be sure that your Android is well connected during the process. Otherwise the process will stop the half way and the contacts you want to transfer may get lost. If unfortunately, you lose your phone data while transferring tool, you can easily get them back with Android Data Recovery or iPhone Data Recovery if you have done backup before.

Copy data between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy
After that, your Samsung contacts are well connected to the computer and you are required to click "OK" to end it.
That’s it, with these simple steps, you can easily have your Samsung contact transferred to the iPhone easily. Why not download Android to iPhone Transfer on your computer and try it by yourself.

Download Mac Version Download Mac Version

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How to restore deleted text messages,contacts on Samsung Galaxy

Almost everyone have their mobile phone nowadays. It’s already part of people’s day to day life. With the release of several smartphones, users can not just text and call but surf the web, chat, play games and more. Samsung is one of the most popular brands when it comes to mobile devices. The Samsung Galaxy S series phones are widely used in all parts of the world. But what if you accidentally deleted a text message on your mobile, which you really need? Can you still recover lost messages from Samsung phone?

You might be in panic mode if this happens to you. But don’t stress yourself because there are various ways on how to recover the important messages that were deleted. That’s right, you can use a recovery program for this concern and there are several that you can choose from including iCare Data Recovery and Data Recovery for Android.

Professional Data Recovery for Android: Restore SMS from Samsung Galaxy

It is a powerful Samsung text message recovery program that you can use. You can download the free trial to personally try if it really works before deciding to spend money in purchasing the full version. It can be used to recover lost data like SMS on Android devices such as Samsung, LG, ZTE and Sony.

Recover SMS from Samsung Galaxy
It has an organized and easy to understand user interface making it convenient to use. Launch the application and you will be walked through on the steps on how to have your phone detected by the data recovery software. Once your device is detected, it will scan your phone and show the data found divided into categories including messages, contacts, gallery and videos. Click on “Messaging” to check on your SMS. Select the messages that you wish to restore and click the “Recover” button.

Download Windows Version   Download Mac Version

The Best Android Data Recovery Free for you recover contacts from Samsung Android phones.
This is a freeware Samsung SMS recovery application, which you can download and install on your computer. It also works on other Android devices. This program can recover SMS and other data loss due to various reasons such as accidental deletion, corruption, reformatting and virus infection. When you launch the program, you have four options for the recovery including lost partition recovery, advance files recovery, deep scan recovery and format recovery.

However, this may not be effective if the information loss is caused by physical damage. Also the free version is only limited to restoring up to 2GB of data. While it could recover some files, some users experience that some of their data are still missing. Recovery could also be slow.

Data Recovery for Android and allows to retrieve deleted text messages on Samsung Galaxy, as well as other lost data on various Android devices. While you can get Android Data Recovery for free, the data that you can recover is only limited to 2GB. Plus, it may not recover all the missing files. Data Recovery for Android on the other hand comes with a cost, though the free trial can be downloaded. It is more powerful as it can effectively recover almost all your missing data. The amount of files that you can recover is also unlimited.

recover contacts from samsung galaxy
Restore Losing Contacts and SMS on Your Samsung Phone

Losing SMS,contacts and other important data on your mobile phone can be inconvenient. There are ways on how to prevent this from happening.

1.Backup important text on your phone regularly and when you do, save it on another drive or memory.
2.Be extra careful when selecting options. Sometimes, you may accidentally delete something like a text even if you don’t intend to because of not carefully choosing the right options.
3.Virus can erase data on your device. Have virus protection installed on your mobile. And to further prevent having your device infected, do not insert memory or transfer files on untrusted sources.
These simple tips can prevent data loss on your device. But in case you lost text messages on your Samsung mobile phone for some reason, you may use Samsung Galaxy SMS recovery tool to recover Samsung SMS.

Apart from recovering sms, you may be interested in the topic of how to backup sms from samsung to PC. Click the link and get the desired way.

If you use iPhone,you can follow this use guide about how to recover iPhone messages with the help of iOS Data Recovery,you can also use this data recovery for iPhone to restore deleted/lost contacts, photos, videos, call history,ect from iPhone,as well.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Recover Lost or Deleted Contacts from Rooted Samsung Phone

“Yesterday,I rooted my Samsung Galaxy S4,but before rooting my Samsung phone,I haven’t backup all my data in my phone to computer,including contacts, text messages, photos, videos,ect. After rooting my Samsung mobile phone,it cause lost contacts and other data on the phone. It make me crazy,becuase of those contacts are very important for me,I want to know is it possible to recover lost contacts from rooted Samsung Galaxy S4 moible phone?Any good idea to deal with my problem?"--Ask by Alien in androidforum

Accidentally delete contacts from your rooted Samsung phones? Lost contacts after rooted your Samsung galaxy phone? Today,we teach you a easy way to recover lost/deleted contacts from rooted Samsung phone directly.

Recover Contacts from Rooted Samsung
Here,we recommend you this Samsung Data Recovery, which can help you recover deleted and lost data on android phone. No matter you use Samsung device or Android OS, this Android Data Recovery can help you get back all lost data or deleted files. It supports recover SMS, photos, videos, contacts, call history, apps, calendar and more from Samsung devices. Let’s teach you how to use this Android Data Recovery to restore lost contacts from rooted Samsung phone.

Here a free trial version is available for you to download and try:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version 

Tips: This Android Data Recovery program applies to all currently popular Samsung Galaxy smartphones:
Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Epic, Samsung Galaxy Grand

You can also use this data recovery for android to restore data from other android phones,like HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony,Huawei,ZTE,ect.

Restore Contacts from Rooted Samsung Mobile Phones:

Note: To guarantee that the phone numbers and other data will be restored successfully, data need to be turned off. Because new files could cover the old ones and once it happens, your missing contacts may be gone forever.

To guarantee a successful recovery, stop using your Samsung after data loss. New data will overwrite the old one and you won't get them back any more.

Step 1: Run the Android Data Recovery on the Computer

Firstly, go to download and install Android Data Recovery on your computer. Run the program and you will get the window as follow.

Step 2: Connect your Samsung to the PC and Enable USB Debugging

Secondly, connect your rooted Samsung device to the PC via USB. After that, the program will you will be asked to enable USB debugging on your device so it can be recognized by the program.
Go to the corresponding option according to your Samsung Android OS version. Follow the tips below to open USB debugging.
1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Go to "Settings" < "Applications". Choose "Development" and check "USB debugging".
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter "Settings" < "Developer options" and check "USB debugging".
3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter "Settings" and select "About Phone". Press "Build number" for several times until "You are under developer mode". Then return to "Settings" and choose "Developer options", finally check "USB debugging".

Done that, we come to a point where types of data are to be chosen. Tick "Contacts" and leave the others unchecked.

After tapping "Next", you will be asked to take one of the modes. We can choose "Scan for deleted files" for the sake of time.

Step 3: Scan lost/deleted contacts from Rooted Samsung Phone

After your rooted Samsung phone is detected by the program, you can get the following interface. Click "Start" now so the program will begin scanning and analyzing all lost or deleted data on your device automatically.

The scanning process will last for some time. And you can get the remaining time from the progress bar.

If you see the window below after clicking "Start", go to your Samsung device and press "Allow" on the homescreen until it disappears. Then click "Start" again to finish the scanning process.

Step 4: Preview, Check and Recover Deleted Contacts from Rooted Samsung

Scanning results will be shown in categories on the left after it completes. You can directly go to "Contacts" and expand the icon to preview the details. Check those you want back and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

Free download the Android Recovery program,then restore contacts from rooted samsung mobile phone:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version 

Step 5: Back up with Your Samsung data
This is for the consideration of data loss. When bad things happen, the backup file can help a lot. Don't know how to do one? Try Android Transfer.

Note: You can slide the button on to only display deleted items. It will be more convenient for you to look for lost contacts.

Besides contacts, you can also go to "Messages" "Gallery" and "Videos" to recover those lost data by this Android Data Recovery. To import your recovered data back to your Samsung device, you can try this Android Transfer tool. For more information about recover Samsung lost data, please go to visit this blog. Hope you can get the help you need,then share this article to you Fackbook or Google+.

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