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How to Recover Text Messags and Contacts from Samsung Note 5?

[Summary]: This article show you more Samsung Galaxy Note 5 news and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review,and we provide you some simple and useful way to Recover Deleted SMS and Contacts from Samsung Note 5.If you have buy a new Galaxy Note 5,you can transfer data from old Samsung,iPhone to new Samsung Note 5 directly.

Part 1: News and Review about Galaxy Note 5
Part 2: How to Recover SMS, Contacts from Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Part 3: More related articles

News and Review about Galaxy Note 5
Samsung has officially launched the Galaxy Note 5, then the first four generations of the product is compared has improved in durability? Five foreign video website today Galaxy Note products for the drop test, respectively, front, back and sides of three ways fall on the concrete floor, the final results showed that Galaxy Note 3/4 after the fall even though the screen appears broken, but still normal operation; however cracks Galaxy Note 5 even though the screen at least, but there have been black and white at the bottom of the screen, the entire operation has been unable to touch.

recover sms contacts on galaxy note 5
Deleted Text Messages, Contacts on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5

When you browse, a forum for Android users to find solutions of their phones, you can see lots of questions like "Is there any solutions to recover deleted text messages and contacts from Galaxy Note 5". In fact, deleted information still exists on the phone. You cannot find them only because they are hidden. To get them back, you need to make sure that you do not factory reset the phone, or add new operations to it. That is, make sure that the deleted contacts and messages have not been overwritten. More important, you need a professional android recovery tool.You can recover data from Samsung Galaxy Note directly with this data recovery for android phone.

The 3rd-party android data recovery software

However, There are not many people has a good sence in making a backup regularly .If we are so unlucky that lost contacts and messages from Samsung Galaxy Note 5, we should ask help for android data recovery software. Most of us don’t want to pay more to this kind of tools, however, it is unlucky that there is no free Samsung Note 5 Data Recovery software so far, but we can make our money be worthy.The Android Data Recovery software has prescription. It helps recover lost contacts, sms, photos, videos, document in Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in high speed. The program is popular now because of its simple operation and efficiency.What’s more,it alows works well with Samsung Galaxy Note 4/3/2,Samsung Galaxy Note 6,Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5/S4/S3, Galaxy Ace,ect.
For Galaxy Note 6 users: How to recover deleted data from Galaxy Note 6

Free download the android data recovery:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to Recover Lost SMS,Contacts on Samsung Galaxy Note 5/Note 6?

Step 1. Launch the program and connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Firstly, download, install and launch the Samsung Data Recovery program. Then you need to connect your Samsung Galaxy to computer via USB cable.

Step 2. Enable USB Debugging for Samsung Note 5
In order to have your Samsung Galaxy detected and scanned, follow the corresponding way to enable USB debugging according to your Android OS now.
1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter "Settings" < Click "Applications" < Click "Development" < Check "USB debugging"
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging"
3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter "Settings" < Click "About Phone" < Tap "Build number" for several times until getting a note "You are under developer mode" < Back to "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging"

Step 3. Scan and Analyze Lost Data on Note 5
Now, tap on "Start" button so the recovery software will begin to analyze and scan for all deleted contacts on your Samsung Galaxy.

If you get the window as follow, tap "Allow" several times on your homescreen until it disappears. Then click "Start" again to scan for deleted data. Now your phone has been detected by the program.

Note: Please make sure your phone battery is more than 20% changed during the scanning.

Step 4. Preview and Recovery Samsung Note 5 Lost SMS,Contacts Files
When the scan is over, you can preview all the content before recovery. Mark those you want back to click "Recover" to save your lost photos, messages, contacts, videos and music on your computer.

Free download the android data recovery:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version
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Compared Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Ultimate evolution complete

Samsung Note 5 Note series have changed the design style, look more fashionable younger. We can say that Samsung has unified the design ideas flagship product line, more in line with consumer aesthetic metal box + double-sided glass has become a popular trend. Foreign media phonearena filmed a comparison of the previous generation Samsung Note 5 Note 4 simple comparison video, take a look at it there are those who grow it.

First, they are 5.7 inches 2K screen, but the first two machines together gives us the feeling that the Samsung Note 5 appear to be more compact. For more data found Samsung Note 5 body measurements 153.2x76.1x7.6mm, all aspects than the Samsung Note 153.5x78.6x8.5mm 4 are reduced. Careful users may also find that Note 5 screen border narrower, higher screen proportion, I believe Samsung pay a lot of effort behind this.

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In addition, the front push fingerprint also joined the Home button in Note 5, it may be more convenient for the user encryption method and payment authorization, it can be said that fingerprint recognition will gradually become the flagship model essential One of the functions.

Body back where it is the largest gap between the two generations of models. Note 5 back using the glass panel, and Note 4 of imitation leather plastic cover. Samsung Note 5 more beautiful at the same time build a better, had to give up a removable battery design, but fast-charge function more or less make up for this flaw.

Let's look at the soul of Note series --S Pen stylus. Samsung Note 5 of the conventional pull-out system to press the pop-up, foreign media also praised the "click" feel crisp and neat, people feel good. Edit also think is enough to provide squeeze bubbles paper like the thrill for the user? Let me first take a hundred Shuang Shuang.

Two machines are the main camera 16 million pixels, but Samsung Note 5 has a larger aperture f / 1.9, the night shooting more adept, in addition Note 5 will run the memory up to 4GB. But in the end the foreign media commented that given the current price of the Samsung Note 4 has been low, so make a choice between the two, then it is more difficult.

Comments: Samsung Note 5 Note series can be said to be an innovation, where information screen can write functions for recording information directly on the screen, making it closer to the people most familiar and natural way of writing pen and paper. Samsung has once again proved that the light has a large screen can not be called Note, worth at present to introduce other manufacturers follow suit Note series models to learn.

Recover Lost or Deleted Data from Galaxy Note 5/Note 6

"Yesterday,I deleted photos on Samsung Galaxy Note 5,how can I recover deleted photos form Galaxy Note 5?"

"Is it possible to restore lost contacts from Galaxy Note 6? I have deleted a important phone numbers on my Samsung Galaxy Note 6,is there any way helps me get back the lost contacts on Samsung Galaxy Note 6?"
recover data from samsung galaxy note 5
If you have buy a new Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 6,you can use a Phone Transfer to transfer data from old phone to new Samsung Galaxy Note 5/6:

Transfer data from old Android to new Android

Transfer data from iPhone to Galaxy Note5/Note 6

Lost Data After Root your Samsung Galaxy Note 5

After root your Samsung Galaxy Note 5,it may cause lost data on your Samsung Note 5; sometimes you may deleted data on Samsung Note 5 by careless.

Always, there are people who lost their Samsung files and never find them back again. Why is it so? Indeed, many might unconsciously wipe the phone as we are easy to make mistakes with these phones. What can we do to prevent this from happening? What does it take to recover the deleted data from a Samsung Galaxy Note 5? It is pretty simple to answer these three questions. But if you don't know how, keep reading and the answers will reveal themselves.

Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery, a great tool, is all it takes. Also, a few clicks are unavoidable. It can actually restore data on Samsung Galaxy Note 5, including contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, other documents and WhatsApp cache, from both internal and external memory.The Android data recovery can help you recover data from Samsung Galaxy Note 4/3/2 as well.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to Restore Data on Samsung Galaxy Note 5/Note 6/4

Precaution to take that guarantee the success of recovery is to do a backup file from now and then whenever you get a new phone. Because one never knows when he is going to use it.

Step 1.Launch Samsung Data Recovery and Connect the Phone
Installment must be done first. And then you need to double click the icon to open the software. Once you have done that, you will be prompted to plug the Samsung device to the computer.

Now, if you have not enable USB debugging, you will need to follow this. Otherwise, skip to "Step 2".

1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Go to "Settings" < Click "Applications" < Click "Development" < Check "USB debugging"
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging"
3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Go to "Settings" < Click "About Phone" < Tap "Build number" until "You are under developer mode" pops up < Back to "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging"

Then, the application will detect your phone automatically. Click "Start".

Step 2. Scan Samsung Mobile Phone and Select File Types
On this interface you are able to choose which kinds of data are to be scanned. So, tick whatever you like. And then press "Next". The program will start to analyze the phone.

Select one of the modes. "Scan for deleted files" is the fastest way to search for documents. But, if it can not find the one that you want, change for the other modes and click "Next".

You should go to your Galaxy phone and tap "Allow" on the pop-up box until it disappears and the scanning will start.

Step 3.Preview the Result and Restore the Samsung Data
Now, you can view the details and decide which item to choose. Tick all of them and click "Recover" to save the backup file in PC.

With a phone manager you are able to transfer the Samsung lost content from PC to the original phone. I believe that you must have got the answers now. Contact us if you have any difficulties using Samsung Data Recovery.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + and Note 5- Two new phones on sale in Hong Kong today

Both models of this year's most talked about Android phones, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge + since the release last week in New York, today officially began worldwide listed. As one of the two regions with the United States District IPO, the phones today officially landed in Hong Kong market, which is priced at 5,688 Hong Kong dollars Note 5 (32GB), and S6 edge + is priced at 6,388 Hong Kong dollars (32GB).

As a 5.7 inches screen market flagship model, Note 5 and S6 edge + respectively hit the big screen with a stylus and a large screen with a curved screen selling point. 2K levels of resolution, 16 million pixel camera, eight-core 64-bit processors, but also to maintain this supply chain has a strong eco-Korean company has always been the top level.

Compared with the licensed version of the S6 edge + of 5888 yuan, the Hong Kong-line version of the 617 yuan cheaper. Not a small price gap, combined with the domestic launch date later than Hong Kong (the news that the state line version S6 edge + will be available August 27), I believe the mainland will encourage more consumers to choose cheaper Hong Kong-line version purchase.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + and Galaxy Note 5 on sale in Hong Kong today

When you have buy a new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus or Samsung Galaxy Note 5,if you use Samsung Galaxy phone before you can transfer data from old Samsung to Galaxy S6 edge plus; If you use iPhone before,you can transfer iPhone data to Samsung Galaxy directly.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung new phone - Galaxy S6 edge+, Note 5,which you choose?

Recently, Samsung ahead of iPhone, released a new big-screen flagship Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +. This has been speculation that Samsung to check iPhone 6s Plus.

We can say that Samsung led the wave of large-screen phone, perhaps inspired by Samsung, Apple also last year launched a large-screen iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. And sales is quite good.

Apple's new rumors from the current point of view, is almost certain to launch two iPhone. Which should be the flagship of a big-screen iPhone 6s Plus. Due to the large-screen phone more than a strong opponent, Samsung had first to develop new machines, trying to seize market opportunities.

Perhaps after many users see Note 5, around the corner, but misses the September upcoming iPhone 6s Plus. So the question is, Note 5 and 6s Plus, which is better?

Tips: If you have buy a new Samsung phone or new Apple iPhone,the first thing you need to do is transferring data between iPhone and Samsung smart phone directly.Let's teach you how to transfer data between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus, Galaxy Note 5,ect.

how to transfer Samsung data to Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus

how to transfer data between Samsung and iPhone

Different systems differ from each other

First, the biggest difference between the two from the system. One is the Android system, one is the iOS system, long-standing debate about the pros and cons of both.

Android system allows users to be more self-customization, and iOS closed strong, less freedom to customize the permissions on the one hand, on the other hand but also conducive to the stability and security of the system.

Figuratively, to get a new house to decorate, Apple is giving you a furnished; while Samsung renovated according to their own wishes. At this time the user's choice, the matter of opinion.

Samsung's advantages: S-pen stylus

S-pen can be said that the Samsung Galaxy Note series features a large, but also, Note S-pen function 5 has been optimized. Use the pop-up design, the pressure to become more sensitive responses, the most important change is that the new generation of S-Pen, the content can be directly input in any case.

A lot of rumors that Apple is also considering a large-screen device joins the stylus. Even the media reports, Apple has tested a variety of different models stylus, but generally speaking, the stylus is ready for the iPad, iPhone 6s Plus possibility equipped with a stylus is not large.

Apple Advantage: Force Touch

From the current exposure of the information point of view, the next generation of the iPhone will be equipped with a pressure sensitive touch technology Force Touch suspense no longer.

Previously, Apple first used on Apple Watch Force Touch, and then again this technique for the new MacBook. Apple wants the technology to make its products have advantages in competition with Samsung's.

For example, in a notebook, the user pressed intensify pressure sensitive touch pad, you can let the car speed up the game. On Apple's new phone, pressure-sensitive input will help users save more clicks, you can go directly to a function of the software.

Mobile Payment: Apple ahead of others

On the mobile payment, Apple accounted for the first-mover advantage. Last October, Apple in the United States launched the Apple Pay, iPhone 6 and Apple Watch can use it to make payments. The major US financial institutions are beginning to support Apple Pay, although its turnover is still limited.

Apple Pay in July this year, landed in the UK, won the British more than 250,000 retail outlets and eight large banks support.

Samsung pay its debut in March this year, with Apple Pay is different, Samsung paid in addition to support NFC payment, but also supports MST (magnetic secure transmission technology) payments. That is, the credit card system we use every day without having to change, you can pay directly by Note 5.

Samsung had previously said that more than 3000 million merchants worldwide, Samsung can support payment. The official on-line in South Korea, Sept. 28 landing in the United States on August 20.

Price and release date:

By convention, Samsung was originally scheduled for release in September this year in Berlin Note 5. In fact, Samsung on August 13 in advance of publication of the new machine. Public opinion generally believes that Samsung released ahead of Note 5, it is to avoid the Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus release time. In other words, Samsung and Apple confrontation, Samsung withdrew.

The selling price, country line version undisclosed price, Hong Kong 32GB version is priced at 4,693 yuan. This price than the upcoming iPhone 6s Plus cheaper.

Once lost data on your Samsung Galaxy S6 edge,or deleted files on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5,please read below use guide to restore Samsung Galaxy lost data:

Recover lost data from Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus

Recover contacts from Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages,SMS on Samsung Galaxy

"I have lost my Samsung phone and the sim.But i do not have the imei number to track the phone.
I was using a tata docomo sim and have all the contacts in that sim.
Hence could anyone let me know about the procedure to get back the contacts which is there in the sim.
"--Ask by Surender in tomsguide

I have prior experience to handle such cases. Please don’t worry about this, there are ways to get back your data. My wife bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 and got her text messages deleted when she failed to root the device. All of her phone contacts were gone and it was the first priority to get them back. Luckily enough, I found out a solution that works perfectly in this situation.Let's teach you how to restore Samsung text messages.

Are you still crazy about your lost files, like deleted messages with significant chat history, photos, audios, videos, documents from your families, friends, lovers, etc. in your Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/S4/S3 because of your carelessness? Are you wondering how to recover deleted text messages on Samsung Galaxy. Things can be even worse that the deleted SMS means a lot for yourself and can't be reproduced. We usually say - "There is no medicine for regret". Nevertheless, when it comes to deleted text message recovery, there could be regret medicine indeed after you deleting the text messages and so on in your Samsung Galaxy.

recover samsung galaxy messages
The medicine for regret is Android Data Recovery for Windows and Andorid Data Recovery(Mac). Specially designed for Android system, the Android Data Recovery works efficiently to recover deleted Android files containing deleted text messages without privacy risks. It supports a wide range of Android device, for instance, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge/S6/S5/S4/S4 Mini/S3, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge/Note 4/Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab S/Note Pro and many more.

Free download the trial version and have a try.Attention:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Please do make sure that you have stopping using your Samsung Galaxy the moment you recover lose text messages on Samsung.

Methods to Restore Deleted Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy

Step 1. Launch Samsung Data Recovery and Connect S5 to PC
The first thing is to download this software and install it. Then, open it and the interface should pop up. This is where you plug the phone into the computer

Step 2. Enter USB Debugging for your Samsung Galaxy
In this step, the application will prompt you to enable USB debugging. If you don't know what to do, follow this:

1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter "Settings" < Click "Applications" < Click "Development" < Check "USB debugging"
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging"
3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter "Settings" < Click "About Phone" < Tap "Build number" for several times until getting a note "You are under developer mode" < Back to "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging'

As Galaxy S5 is base on Android 4.3, we should adopt the third method.

Step 3. Select the to-be-Scanned Data
You will see this which tells you to ensure that the phone is over 20% charged. Click "Start" to continue.

And then, you can check to choose the items that you need. ("Contacts" is our option here.) Press "Next".

Take one of the modes—"Scan for deleted files", "Scan for all files" or "Advanced Mode". The usual choice is the first one, which save you time.

Now, go to your S5 and tap "Allow" when the SuperUser requires authority. In case you don't know how, the window has shown the operation for you. And, if you don't want to press it for several times, just tick "Remember".

Step 4. Scan Lost Samsung Contacts and Recover Them
The software will automatically scan the phone for you. The length of time depends on how many file types you choose. When the result comes out, you can preview the details and check the one that is to be restored. All set, tap "Recover".

Free download the android data recovery:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Get Lost Phone Numbers from Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Ace

Note: Doing backup files of your Samsung frequently does benefit. Data that are covered can not be retrieved. So, when that happens, your backup files can help a lot.

Easy, isn't? If you also need to recover deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy phones, just browse our website.
Samsung Data Recovery can work with not only contacts but also other things both in the internal memory and the SD card. Try it out! And feel free to leave us comments.

To avoid permanently losing the important data on your Samsung Galaxy, it is suggested that you should back up them before hand. Samsung Kies is quite good to make backup.
Read this use guide about how to backup Samsung data.