Monday, February 9, 2015

How to Get Missing Files Back with Dropbox

We have talked about how to share files or folders with Dropbox in previous articles. However, what if you can't see the files or folders? Or you find the files in the shared folder are missing? This situation often happens and some people can't find a way to solve it. Don't worry. Here we provide you some useful tips to restore your lost data from your computer, iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Check if the Missing Data were in a Shared Folder
If you can't find the files in a shared folder, check if you are still a member of the shared folder. You may have been cancelled the accessibility to the shared folder by the owner. Or the folder has been unshared from others.
1. Check if you can Rejoin the Shared Folder
Sign in your Dropbox account and turn to "Sharing" on the left sidebar. If the missing folder is listed as a "Past folder" in the page, you can choose "Rejoining a shared folder".
2. Check if the Folder has been Unshared
The folder may has been unshared if you can't find it in your current or past shared folders. Or, the situation may be that you are removed from the shared folder by the owner, the only one who has the right to remove a user or unshared the folder. Contact him/her to know what happens then. You can be invited back to the folder by other users if it is still shared.

Find Deleted Files on Dropbox Web
All the files, including deleted or missing ones, can be found out on the Dropbox website. Login in your Dropbox account on the website and enter the name of a lost file in the search box. When Advanced search appears in the search box, click it to search for all deleted files. Also, you can tap on the trash can icon beside the search box to display lost files in gray..
Actually, from the research result, you may find that your files may have been moved rather than deleted. Dropbox recognizes it you delete some files in one place and add them to another place. When you move or rename some files, you may ignore the information that they are "added" after "deleted".

Recover Deleted Data from Dropbox Web
All deleted files can be saved in Dropbox for 30 days and longer if you have bought the Packrat option. So follow the instructions on the website to recover all your deleted files. You are allowed to restore a large number of files easily and quickly. Simply with one click, all selected files or folders come back to your Dropbox.
Tips: There are also two instructions about recovering deleted files from mobile phones, click below articles to check it out.
How to Recover Lost Data from Android

Recover Lost Data from Android
Contact us for Help
If you need, contact us in "Events" of the website and "Let us know" the events you want to undo by sending us the links.

Find who Deleted the Files
1. Check Files' History
Go to "Previous version history" on the website to check out who deleted the files. You can also see which user removed the files if they were in a shared folder before, and recover them in the interface.
2. Check the Events Page
Navigate to "Events" on Dropbox website to figure out who made a change on the files, or when you were removed from the shared folder.

Did Dropbox Delete my Files?
Certainly not. Dropbox only keeps the change you made on files, and will never delete or remove your files if not your own will, unless it is over storage limit. If you can't find the files in the expected place, you should check whether the computer, mobile phone or Dropbox Web has been over storage limit. If so, Dropbox stops syncing files for you and will recover when you cut the storage under the limit. Return to the instructions above and find out which computer deleted the files.

Why Files Missing Happens without your Conscious?
Mistakes often happen. Files are often lost due to accidentally deleting or your unfamiliarity with Dropbox. Usually, the occasion is that you may delete or remove your own files from Dropbox by mistake, and even you yourself didn't notice it. Also, more causes will lead to your files missing.
1. Hard Disk Problems: If the disks are not ready when Dropbox application runs on your device, Dropbox can't recognize known files and will take it as removed or deleted when it is not working.
2. Quarantined by Antivirus Software: Antivirus software sometimes will remove your files, or prevent your access to the files.
3. Disk Scanning Software Locks out Dropbox: Disk scanning software like backup software, may block and lock out Dropbox so it seems files are all missing.
4. Programs Modify your Folder: Some programs, such as audio and image management software can make changes to your home folder on their own, including Dropbox folder.
5. Linked Computers with a Same Name: If you linked multiple computers with the same name, you may not realize who indeed deleted the files. In this case, you can check the last used IP address for the computer in "Security" on the website.
6. Internet Connection Issues: Sometimes, Dropbox may delay the syncing time to the website or other linked devices, as there is no one at the computers. The timestamps will record the actual time when Dropbox syncs indeed.

Still Can't Find your Files?
After all your trial, still can't find the files you want? Then it may be one of the situations below:
1. It has been 30 days after files loss, and you don't pay for Packrat option.
2. You can't rejoin the shared folder, or the folder is not shared with others at all.
3. You may have not uploaded the files to your Dropbox account, maybe some other account or somewhere else. Or, the uploading process has not completed before you deleted the files, and they were even not put in Dropbox folder.

Any more questions or for more specific information, send us a request with the names of your lost files. We are pleased to help you searching the logs to check if the files existed in your Dropbox account before.