Sunday, March 13, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Detailed Parameter Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S7 back we see a lot of great features, then upgrade compared to last year's Galaxy S6 are reflected in where? Let us follow the footsteps of the foreign media GizMag Galaxy S7 / S6 comprehensive specifications comparison.


Fuselage Galaxy S7 compared to previous generations shorter narrower, but the difference is not very clear, only a difference of 1mm. And in thickness S7 is showing a huge upgrade, compared to 16% thinner S6.

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Although similar to the two front fuselage size, but in terms of weight than the new flagship S6 weight by 10%.


In this year's flagship, we still see the gorilla glass and metal frame with a design like this, but the Galaxy S7 and back with the Galaxy Note 5 similar curved design.


The lack of a blue version of this year's flagship models. Despite the black, gold and silver in three versions in the international market, but in the US market will not provide the silver version, if you want a silver in the United States, you can choose a larger screen Galaxy S7 Edge.

screen size:

No change on the screen size.

Screen Resolution:

Similarly to 2560 × 1440.

Screen material:

And there is no change, still using Samsung's own Super AMOLED screen.

Always-On Screen

This is a new feature introduced this year, Galaxy screen can be as smart as the watch always displays including time and notification, including information.

Fingerprint sensor:

Two flagship also uses touch fingerprint sensor.


In terms of performance, Galaxy S7 obtain a very large increase, and re-use dual-processor sales model. United States, China and Japan consumers will get Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 processor, while consumers in other areas will get Samsung's own Exynos 8890 processor.

Gear VR Compatibility:

Currently independent consumer price Gear VR version for $ 99 if you book now Galaxy S7, can be obtained free Gear VR.

Liquid cooling:

We speculate Galaxy S7 liquid cooling equipment mainly for Gear VR. Although Samsung's flagship 2015 did not bring an overheating problem, but by a more advanced cooling system can enhance VR gaming experience.


Galaxy S7 memory upgrade from 3GB to 4GB.

Built-in memory:

US carriers currently offer only 32GB storage version, but in other international map offers 64GB and 128GB.

MicroSD card expansion:

Although this feature is missing in the previous generation, but this feature again this year to give back, for those who buy 32GB storage version of the user, this is very good news.

But note that if you plan to Galaxy optional virtual reality device, you may face this problem, Galaxy S7 does not support the Android adaptation functions (Adoptable Storage), after installing the matching external storage will become internal storage a part of. However, users can store images or adapted to the expansion card, and Gear VR applications and games on the internal storage to store.


From the point of view of battery capacity capacity more than 18% S7 S6, but the difference between the actual aspects of life need to be further tested.

fast charging:

Before and after two generations of flagship support fast charging can be quickly filled at low power conditions.

Wireless charging:

Wireless charging technology is still in this year's flagship has been extended, and if you want to get fast wireless charging panel, individually priced at $ 70.

Removable battery:

Samsung did not return one of the feature is the removable battery. If you are very concerned about this, you can choose LG's latest flagship.

Camera pixels:

2016 than in 2015 despite the flagship models in the lower pixel camera, but due to the ascent of the pixel size in low-light environments with superior performance.

The camera aperture (rear):

In order to optimize shooting in low-light environments, in addition to Samsung's "Dual Pixel" technology Another important factor is the use of a wider f / 1.7 aperture.

Optical image stabilization:

Galaxy S7 also supports optical image stabilization.

Waterproof Features:

Although Samsung upgrade to a more high-end design in 2015, but the 2014 model is waterproof missing. In 2016, the flagship of the three anti-function return again, with IP68 level waterproof.

operating system:

Galaxy S7 factory equipped with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow based on the TouchWiz UI, although currently Marshmallow S6 update has been released, but the device is still a lot of Galaxy S6 based Lollipop.

Release date:

Galaxy S7 will go on sale March 11 months.

Starting price:

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