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How to Print Text Messages from Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6

Summary: This article mainly teach you how to print SMS from Galaxy S4 smart phone as example to show you how to print text messages from Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 4, S5 and S6 with the Android Text Messages Recovery

Hello, I want to sell my Samsung galaxy s3 phone, before selling it I need to backup all text messages from Samsung galaxy s3 to computer, and print them. I tried many ways but filed, Is there any way help me transfer messages and print from Samsung galaxy s3? Thank you for help! - from Samsung Forum

Well, as is known to us, text messages is an important means to communicate with others, the text messages may record some relationship between others and us, especially those from our loved people such as girlfriend, boyfriend, good friends, etc. It is a pity to discard them along with the old Galaxy S3. So, printing text messages from Galaxy S3 is a good method to keep the old SMS. But how to export and print text messages from the phone ? This article will teach you how to recover messages from Samsung Galaxy.

As is known to us, the messages on your phone are saved on the internal memory, so, if you need to export the SMS from your Galaxy S3, you need some tool that can enter the internal memory. Here, Android Text Messages Recovery is a good choice. This program can read the files in the internal memory and export them from your device as long you the device is rooted.

Print Text Messages from Galaxy
About Android Phone Data Recovery
1. Can recover text messages, photos, contacts, and many other files from Android devices
2. Support Samsung Galaxy S, S2,S3,S4, S5 and the latest Samsung S6
3. Recover deleted texts from Android devices and save as printable CVS, XML or HTML file

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How to Print Text Message from Samsung Phones in 3 Steps for Mac/Win?

Tips: You must avoid the data from being overwritten. To do this, the Samsung phone should not be used for any update, which will wipe off the missing files forever. What "update" means here is any new content added to the device, including photos , videos, audios and so forth.

Step 1 Connect your Samsung Device to the PC

Step 2 Enable USB Debugging for your Samsung Galaxy phone

When it comes to the second step, just as the program says in the interface, you need to enable USB debugging on your device so that it can be recognized by Android Data Recovery.
Follow the tips shown in the program according to your Android OS version:
1) Android 2.3 or earlier users: Go to "Settings" < "Applications" < "Development" < "USB debugging".
2) Android 3.0 to 4.1 users: Go to "Settings" < "Developer options" < "USB debugging".
3) Android 4.2 or newer users: Enter "Settings" < "About Phone". Press "Build number" for several times until you are informed that "You are under developer mode". Then go back to"Settings" < "Developer options" < "USB debugging".

Step 3 Scan all Text Messages from Samsung phone

You will get the following interface as your device is detected by the program. Click "Start" so the software will begin scanning for all data file on your Samsung, including text messages, contacts, pictures and videos.

You can see the Scanning process in the window below and get the remaining time from the progress bar.

If the following window appears after you click "Start", you need to press "Allow" button on the homescreen of your Samsung device until it disappears. Then click "Start" again to continue the scanning process.

Step 4 Preview, Recover and Save Samsung SMS on the PC

Wait for the scanning results patiently. Then you can get the files listed in categories on the left. Go to "Messages" to preview them in details. You can choose to check all SMS or only those you want to recover and save on computer. Click "Recover" at the bottom and choose a folder on your PC to store the file. Now the messages are saved as a HTML file for you to print.

Step 5 Print Samsung Text Messages to computer

Now, go to find the HTML file and open it. Choose "Print" function on the file option to directly print it out. It is pretty easy and convenient for you to make it.

Step 6 Back up Your Samsung Devices from Time to Time

It is a good habit to save your SMS in PC. When need, it can be used to restore the phone. Thus you won't suffer much loss. In case you don't know how to back up and restore Samsung, check our website out.

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Also, you can recover Contacts from the scanning results, and save them as CSV, VCF or HTML file on your computer. Then you can print contacts from your Samsung mobile phone as you like. Don't hesitate. Come and try Android Data Recovery, your messages and contacts can be easily printed out as a piece of paper.

Tips: The Samsung Message Recovery program to meet all users' needs. With it, you'll have the ability to export any types of files on your phone like text messages, contacts, apps, photos, video, etc. to your computer and saved as .csv format. After that, you can print the file through a printer directly.

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