Monday, April 27, 2015

How to Transfer Samsung SMS Text Messages to iPhone 6/6 Plus

Nowadays, more and more users use two brands of smart phone Samsung and iPhone,or some people buy a new iPhone 6 plus,they want to transfer text messages from old Samsung phone to iPhone 6,most people use Samsung Galaxy S4 before,they need to copy SMS from Samsung Galaxy S4 to iPhone 6 plus. So, this article is writing to tell you how to transfer all text messages from Samsung phone to iPhone 6 directly without data lossing.

Now, two of the most popular phone brands are iPhone and Samsung, many phone users use one or both of these two devices. For example, Jackie, a successful businessman, always goes out to other city for business so he needs two phones with two SIM card so as to contact with his business partner in these two cities. It will be very convenient if he can combine these contacts or SMS and sync them so that all the contacts and SMS can be view in both phones even if they don't run the same operating system. There's a news that a useful program Mobile Transfer can help you make the dream of transferring data from phone to phone come true.

Transfer SMS from Samsung to iPhone 6/6 plus
Well, there is no direct way for you to hack into your Android's file system in order to transfer text messages. Fortunately, just because you cannot hack into the system does not mean you cannot transfer SMS from Android to iPhone if you have decided you want to switch to using an iPhone. There is a program called Android SMS to iPhone Transfer that was designed for the sole purpose of making it easy for you to transfer text messages from Samsung to iPhone. By downloading the program and following four quick and simple steps anyone can transfer their text messages from Android to iPhone.

Today we recommend you use this Phone to Phone Transfer,which is a useful transfer tool for all mobile phone,it support transfer data between different operating system, for example, Samsung Galaxy S4 to iPhone 6 transfer,copy data from iPhone to Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG and more Android phones are compatible to this program. The Phone Transfer allows you copy everything between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone,like contacts, messages, videos, pictures, songs, call history, notes, bookmarks, and so on. The steps to operate it are not that complex as you think. You need only 3 steps: Firstly, connect your phones; secondly, choose the data that you want to move; last but not least, transfer.
If you have buy a new Samsung Galaxy S6,you can also use this phone to phone transfer to copy data from iPhone to new Galaxy S6 directly. 

Tips: This phone transfer program is compatible to almost every iPhone and Samsung device, iPhone 6 Plus/65s/5c/5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4/Note 3/S5/S4/S6, and so on.

Transfer SMS from Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 to iPhone 6/6 Plus:

Step 1. Launch the Program
Download and install the Mobile Transfer program on your computer. After running, the main window will show up, select "Phone to Phone Transfer", click "Start".

Step 2. Connect your Android and iPhone to the computer
Connect both of your Android and iPhone to the computer through USB cables and then Mobile Transfer will detect these two devices. While two devices are detect by program you can see the window show up as follow:

Step 3. Copy Messages from Android to iPhone
to begin the transfer, choose "Text messages" in the content box and click "Start Copy" button. If you want to clear all the destination phone data before copy, you can click the ''Clear data before copy''. As long as you have finish data transfer, please click "Complete".

1. Please make sure that two devices are always connected in the whole time.
2. To transfer your data from Android to iPhone, you need install iTunes on your computer.

Tips: The Phone to Phone Transfer (Android to iPhone Transfer) is a useful transfer tool no matter you want to transfer data between what devices, iPhone, Symbian, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, and so on. You can copy your precious data, text messages, for example without doubt. The Phone Transfer allows you backup text messages from iPhone, Samsung to the computer.