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Samsung S7 most detailed rumors: Amazing Configuration

Samsung is developing next year's flagship model Galaxy S7. Recently, a lot of rumors about this phone, related to the processor, display and cameras on.

Samsung released the Galaxy S5 2014 hiatus, and this year launched Galaxy S6 is get a good evaluation. Prior to the Galaxy S series phones plastic feel too strong, and has been much criticized, so Galaxy S6, the Samsung uses a metal style. Reviewers generally believe that metallic is an important improvement over Galaxy S series phones. Therefore, the expected future Samsung will use a similar design.

Samsung Galaxy S7 ran sub amazing?

Recently, a model known Samsung phones get a staggering nearly 96,000 points in the security Bunny ran sub. Is now known, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Galaxy Note 5 can not achieve such a high running points, the phone is probably Galaxy S7.

Screenshot from the microblogging show, a model for the SM-G8508S Samsung phone running sub-results for 95792 points. As a comparison, the current Galaxy Note 5 less than 70,000 points. Therefore, the chip set used in this phone more powerful than the Exynos 7420.

Recent news that, Galaxy S7 will re Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. This may mean, Samsung's new flagship will use Snapdragon 820 processor. Obviously, Samsung is testing the new processor. There are also reports show that the next generation of Qualcomm chipsets will not use Kryo core, instead of using self-developed high-pass Hydra core.

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Combination of the above information, you can determine the processor Samsung will use the next generation of Galaxy S7, whereas the processing performance of the phone will be extremely powerful.

Recent rumors suggest, Galaxy S7 will be the first mass market with a 4K screen phone. Samsung phones often use high-quality screens. Samsung is the world's largest TV manufacturers, so if some manufacturers have attempted to achieve a breakthrough in display technology 4K mobile device, Samsung most likely. Such a screen resolution requires more powerful processor performance, so Galaxy S7 is equipped with Snapdragon 820 processor are logical.

Samsung's arc screen technology is well known, but Samsung uses arc screen mobile phone production is still limited, high-end positioning. Sources close to Samsung said that Samsung plans to change this situation in 2016, to improve the Galaxy S7 Edge production.

Taking into account the user's interest in the arc screen, Samsung is reasonable to do so. Samsung arc-screen TV has been very successful. On the other hand, there is news that Apple will launch iPhone arc screen in the near future.

Galaxy S7 may also bring about changes in camera technology. Reports from Korea, said Samsung is testing a new camera sensor, which may be used for Galaxy S7. Samsung is ready to launch the world's first 1.0-micron pixel CMOS sensor 16 million, which may be used in Samsung's 2016 handset models.

This will resolve the Galaxy S6 camera raised problems so Galaxy S7 exterior design more attractive. The ultra-thin camera module utilizes Samsung ISOCELL technology to improve the amount of light, which will enhance the performance of low-light shooting environments.

Published and prices:

Samsung Galaxy S7 release time may be similar to this year's Galaxy S6, it is likely to be released in Barcelona Mobile World Congress (MWC) on. Prices, in the face of the impact of low-cost Android manufacturers, Samsung pricing little room space.

Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge
Want to know everything about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge? Here’s what we know so far, including the expected Galaxy S7 release date, new Galaxy S7 features and the latest Galaxy S7 specs info.

Samsung has built a name for itself as a premium smartphone manufacturer off the back of the Galaxy S-series, so everyone is excited to see what’s in store for the Galaxy S7.

It’s always tough to tell what a company is working on in advance, but we’ve rounded up the very best in Galaxy S7 news, rumours, leaks, and also applied some educated guesswork.

Here’s the skinny of it:

Latest Galaxy S7 News – Snapdragon 820 and Android M
10 August 2015 – Galaxy S7 tipped with Snapdragon 820 & Android M
08 August 2015 – Samsung Galaxy S7 could be ready in December

14 July 2015 – Galaxy S7 could help keep your body fat in check
20 June 2015 – Samsung working on iris-scanning tech for S7?
28 May 2015 – Google announces next mobile OS, Android M
09 April 2015 – Samsung not opposed to Snapdragon chips
In Brief
When is the Galaxy S7 coming out? April 8 or 15, 2016

What’s new about the Galaxy S7? USB-C, Android M, ‘Edge’-style spin-off

How much will the Galaxy S7 cost? £599 to £649

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date, rumours, news, specs and price

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date UK & US – When does the Galaxy S7 come out?

The truest indication of when we will see the Galaxy S7 comes from the company’s previous releases.

The previous three Galaxy smartphones all launched in April, while the Galaxy S3 landed in May, 2012. So all things point to April.

The Galaxy S4 launched towards the end of the month, on Saturday, April 27. However, the Galaxy S5 released on Friday, April 11, and the Galaxy S6 launched on Friday, April 10.

Following that trend, it seems likely the Galaxy S7 release date would fall on either Friday, April 8, or Friday, April 15.

Of course, we can’t say for sure when the flagship smartphone will release until Samsung confirms details, and that won’t happen until a few weeks before the unveiling.

It’s worth noting that the announcement for the Galaxy S7 will probably fall in the days leading up to MWC 2016, which is set for February 22 to 25.

We’d say stick February 21 in your calendar as a strong candidate for the handset’s unveiling.

We should also point out that a recent report suggested Samsung would have its Galaxy S7 ready by December, thanks to an improved development process codenamed "Agile".

However, we'd say that it's unlikely Samsung would actually launch a phone in December as it falls awkwardly within the holiday season. Perhaps the release date may be pushed up sooner than April though.

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Galaxy S7 Features – What’s new about the Galaxy S7?

One of the most exciting rumours about the Galaxy S7 is that it will sport a USB-C port. That’s a relatively new – and quite formidable – connection standard that’s taking the mobile world by storm, and it could be coming to a Samsung smartphone near you very soon.

There’s also talk that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will ship with a quad-core Snapdragon 820 at its heart, bringing with it Qualcomm’s mysterious ‘Hydra’ processor. Stay tuned.

Samsung is expected to follow suit from this year’s Galaxy S6 Edge launch with another ‘Edge’-style display for the Galaxy S7. However, it’s not yet clear whether there’ll be two distinct phones, or just one core flagship with the curved screen technology in tow.

And, of course, the Galaxy S7 is almost assured to land fully stocked with Google’s latest Android M operating system, which brings a host of upgrades that you can read all about right here.

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Should I wait for the Galaxy S7?

If you're wondering whether to wait for the Galaxy S7, you've got one big fact going in your favour: guessing a rough release window isn't too difficult.

Of course, there'll be plenty of options to choose from by the time that April release window rolls around; we're guessing the iPhone 6S and Galaxy Note 5, for a start. That's not to mention the LG G4 and HTC One M9 successors, both of which will likely launch around that time too.

Fortunately for Android fans, the Galaxy series is usually acclaimed with each and every release, so you can probably bet on the Galaxy S7 being a worthy handset to splash your cash on.

If you're an iPhone user however, the choice becomes a little tougher. Our best advice is to check out our Android M vs iOS 9 feature, and to see which one sounds best to you.