Friday, August 7, 2015

How to Root Your Samsung Phone and Tablet

Root is the highest authority Android phone identity, like a computer that has the status of a super administrator! Many manufacturers are for the sake of users, many users are new to Android phones, the phone system is very unaware, so set the Root privileges. If the phone is not Root privileges before you,for your mobile phone, just a user. There are many features that you do not have permission to be used, you need to install some new programs without affecting the overall system itself to use.

Want to root your Android phone or tablet but have no idea how to do it? Here is a full guide about Android rooting. I hope it's helpful to you.This article teach you a easy way to root your Android phone,like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and other android devices.

Root Your Samsung Phone and Tablet
After getting Root privileges, your identity will become a developer by the user's identity. After becoming developer you can edit this phone. And you can also modify the phone system. For the phone's memory, you can freely assign independent. Before the system comes with its own software, you can also delete the uninstall. Andrews said even now the system "Brush" said the simple point after Root your phone you can get in-depth phone system up. While, how to root your Samsung as well as other Android devices, so that you can effortlessly uninstall preinstalled and system apps run fast, upgrade to latest Android version, install apps that require root access, and more?

Android Data Manager is an all-in-one and easy-to-use data management tool, which not only enables you one click to root your Samsung phone and tablet, but also allows you to backup and restote data for your Samsung devices.

Note: You'd better backup your data from Samsung before rooting, so that you can restore your data once they lose after rooting.

Now, you can download a trial version below and follow the tutorial to have a try.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version
3 Must-Dos before Rooting Android Devices

Backup Your Android: Backup your Android data to computer to avoid any potential data loss in the rooting process.

Charge Battery 100%:Ensure that your battery is 100% charged in case your Android phone or tablet die in the rooting process.

Select Root Tool That's Right: Select a right Android root app or tool according to your phone or tablet models.

How to Root Your Samsung Phone and Tablet

Step 1. Launch the program and connect your Samsung to PC

Launch the Android Manager on your PC after installation, then connect your Samsung to PC via USB cable or WiFi.

Step 2. Root your Samsung device with a click

Once your Samsung is detected, you are allowed to click "One-Click Root" in the right sidebar to let the program starts to root your Samsung phone or tablet.

In the rooting process, keep your Android phone or tablet being connected.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version
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