Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rumors Samsung plans to enhance the Samsung S6 edge triple yield: Galaxy S6 very popular

[Abstract] Foreign media highly praised the performance of Galaxy S6, the "New York Times" bluntly "S6 finally like a flagship product of its flagship mobile phone."

The first dual-screen design surface side of the Samsung GALAXY S6 edge though expensive, but it seems to have been more welcomed by consumers. For this reason, the Samsung ready to adjust production technology, production of more GALAXY S6 edge to meet market demand. According to Korean site etnews it reported that Samsung GALAXY S6 and S6 edge of sales are expected to be tied, but Samsung is planning to triple production GALAXY S6 edge.
Triple production S6 edge

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The first dual-screen design surface side of the Samsung GALAXY S6 edge since the official release, not only praise the industry and consumers, and many mobile phone retailers and operators also had a keen interest in the aircraft, which also makes it demand for new aircraft models over curved screen Samsung had expected. However, the recent news that Samsung can not keep up this strong demand, and had to seek other suppliers to make up for low curved glass yield issues.
And now, according to the Korean site it etnews reported that Samsung has solved this problem, not only for the Japanese Alps GALAXY S6 edge in the production of the touch panel, and with the increase in demand, South Korean companies will also be S-MAC was added to provide this TSP touch panel. Meanwhile, Samsung has plans to GALAXY S6 edge production plan to raise to three times the original.

Taiwan version of the price announced

At the same time, Samsung also officially announced the press conference held in Taiwan GALAXY S6 and S6 edge of the price and release date. According to Taiwan media reports, the Samsung GALAXY S6 and S6 edge will be held on April 10 worldwide simultaneous release, as the price was EDITION 32GB GALAXY S6 price of NT $ 22,900 yuan, or about 4530 yuan; the 64GB version of the sale price of NT $ 25,900 yuan, or about 5120 yuan from top to bottom, compared to the mainland licensed version a lot cheaper.
In addition, Samsung GALAXY S6 edge Taiwan version 32GB capacity priced at NT $ 26,500 yuan, or about 5240 yuan; 64GB version priced at NT $ 29,500 yuan, or about 5835 yuan from top to bottom, is also a lot cheaper than the mainland licensed ʱ??
Waterproof version Configuration shrink

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In addition, rumors added waterproof Samsung GALAXY S6 Active has also been the latest news. According to foreign friends broke the news at the forum said,
Samsung is indeed being prepared GALAXY S6 Active, and intends to publish in the summer, but in some parts of the configuration will shrink. It is reported that, although the overall configuration of the aircraft and GALAXY S6 roughly the same, but not with a fingerprint sensor and heart rate monitor, and camera specifications will shrink.
Meanwhile, in order to obtain better endurance performance, the Samsung GALAXY S6 Active may not be equipped with 2K resolution touch screen. However, memory card expansion capabilities are likely to get back on the machine. Previously, rumors of Samsung GALAXY S6 Active by US carriers AT & T starts, phone model SM-G890A, will provide at least IP67 level of protection performance, the same load Exynos 7420 processor and has 5.1 inches touch screen and 3G memory, but the battery capacity upgrade to 3500 mA.