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Samsung SMS Recovery: Recover Text Messages from Galaxy S6/S7

“Today I borrowed my sister's Samsung Galaxy S6, but I accidentally deleted all text messages on Samsung Galaxy S6, all messages are very important for her.I did not mean, absolutely do not care, I do not know if she has a backup, but I knew she would be very angry once she know this, how can I restore deleted SMS from Samsung Galaxy S6? Anyone who can help me, please!”--Ask by Stephone

"I want to restore deleted SMS on my Samsung Galaxy S7,how can I get the deleted text messages back on Galaxy S7? Thanks"

Many people buy the new Samsung Galaxy S6 recently,however quite a lot people encountered similar problems about the text messages deleted in Samsung Galaxy S6,or lost SMS from galaxy s6 by accidentally and no idea how to restore messages. Is it possible to restore deleted text messages from Samsung galaxy S6/S7? Many Samsung galaxy users want to restore their deleted SMS back.Those messages are still in the memory of the phone but they are just invisible, and deleted/lost data are to be written over by new data.

recover sms galaxy s6
To recover deleted SMS on Samsung Galaxy S6,the first thing you need to do is stop or add new data to Galaxy in order to avoid the overwriting. Then, with the assistant of Samsung SMS Recovery - Galaxy S6 Data Recovery, it not only can help you recover deleted text messages from Samsung Galaxy S6,but also allows you restore contacts, photos, videos,whatsapp and music on Samsung Galaxy S6. Incidentally, this powerful Samsung Data Recovery supports recover formatted, lost, deleted files from SD card inside your Galaxy S6. This program applies to all currently popular Samsung Galaxy smartphones,such as Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge, Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3/S2/S, Galaxy A9/A8/A7/A5, Galaxy Notes 4/5/3/2/, Galaxy Ace,ect.

Want to restore samsung lost messages? Now download the free trial version of this Samsung Data Recovery software below and follow the tutorial. 

Recover SMS from Samsung Galaxy S6 with Android Data Recovery:

Step 1. Run this program and connect your Samsung s6 to the computer
Download, install and run the program on your computer, and then you'll get the main window as follows.

Step 2. Analyze and scan your Samsung device for lost contacts

Step 3. Preview and recover lost contacts from Samsung Galaxy S6
When the scan finishes, the program will generate a scan report and it looks like the window shown below. Click "Contacts" on the left menu to preview the detail. Choose those data you want and click "Recover" button to save them on your computer with one click

Free download the android data recovery and start to resotre sms on Galaxy S6 

What’s more about Android Data Recovery:

This Free Android Data Recovery as the world’s first data recovery for Samsung Galaxy S6 edge smartphone. It will scan and restore deleted contacts from Galaxy S6 edge, including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, documents and WhatsApp history. You can preview and select needed files for retrieval. With this Free Android Data Recovery, you won’t worry about data losing when your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was broken or smashed. If you use Samsung Galaxy S5,you can read this use guide about restore Samsung Galaxy S5 lost SMS.

Actually,no matter your Galaxy S6 was broken or smashed, you can restore data from Galaxy S6 to computer with professional Free Samsung Data Recovery, which means that you won’t lose the files/contents stored in your Samsung Galaxy S6, such as contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, documents and whatsapp history.
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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy S6

How to Transfer Samsung SMS Text Messages to iPhone 6/6 Plus

Nowadays, more and more users use two brands of smart phone Samsung and iPhone,or some people buy a new iPhone 6 plus,they want to transfer text messages from old Samsung phone to iPhone 6,most people use Samsung Galaxy S4 before,they need to copy SMS from Samsung Galaxy S4 to iPhone 6 plus. So, this article is writing to tell you how to transfer all text messages from Samsung phone to iPhone 6 directly without data lossing.

Now, two of the most popular phone brands are iPhone and Samsung, many phone users use one or both of these two devices. For example, Jackie, a successful businessman, always goes out to other city for business so he needs two phones with two SIM card so as to contact with his business partner in these two cities. It will be very convenient if he can combine these contacts or SMS and sync them so that all the contacts and SMS can be view in both phones even if they don't run the same operating system. There's a news that a useful program Mobile Transfer can help you make the dream of transferring data from phone to phone come true.

Transfer SMS from Samsung to iPhone 6/6 plus
Well, there is no direct way for you to hack into your Android's file system in order to transfer text messages. Fortunately, just because you cannot hack into the system does not mean you cannot transfer SMS from Android to iPhone if you have decided you want to switch to using an iPhone. There is a program called Android SMS to iPhone Transfer that was designed for the sole purpose of making it easy for you to transfer text messages from Samsung to iPhone. By downloading the program and following four quick and simple steps anyone can transfer their text messages from Android to iPhone.

Today we recommend you use this Phone to Phone Transfer,which is a useful transfer tool for all mobile phone,it support transfer data between different operating system, for example, Samsung Galaxy S4 to iPhone 6 transfer,copy data from iPhone to Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG and more Android phones are compatible to this program. The Phone Transfer allows you copy everything between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone,like contacts, messages, videos, pictures, songs, call history, notes, bookmarks, and so on. The steps to operate it are not that complex as you think. You need only 3 steps: Firstly, connect your phones; secondly, choose the data that you want to move; last but not least, transfer.
If you have buy a new Samsung Galaxy S6,you can also use this phone to phone transfer to copy data from iPhone to new Galaxy S6 directly. 

Tips: This phone transfer program is compatible to almost every iPhone and Samsung device, iPhone 6 Plus/65s/5c/5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4/Note 3/S5/S4/S6, and so on.

Transfer SMS from Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 to iPhone 6/6 Plus:

Step 1. Launch the Program
Download and install the Mobile Transfer program on your computer. After running, the main window will show up, select "Phone to Phone Transfer", click "Start".

Step 2. Connect your Android and iPhone to the computer
Connect both of your Android and iPhone to the computer through USB cables and then Mobile Transfer will detect these two devices. While two devices are detect by program you can see the window show up as follow:

Step 3. Copy Messages from Android to iPhone
to begin the transfer, choose "Text messages" in the content box and click "Start Copy" button. If you want to clear all the destination phone data before copy, you can click the ''Clear data before copy''. As long as you have finish data transfer, please click "Complete".

1. Please make sure that two devices are always connected in the whole time.
2. To transfer your data from Android to iPhone, you need install iTunes on your computer.

Tips: The Phone to Phone Transfer (Android to iPhone Transfer) is a useful transfer tool no matter you want to transfer data between what devices, iPhone, Symbian, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, and so on. You can copy your precious data, text messages, for example without doubt. The Phone Transfer allows you backup text messages from iPhone, Samsung to the computer.

How to Copy or Transfer iPhone Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S6

Many people have bought a new Android Samsung Galaxy S6 smaty phones,they want to transfer all phone numbers from old iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S6 phone directly. If you use iPhone device before and buy a new Galaxy S6,the fist thin you may need to do is transferring contacts from iPhone to Android Samsung phone. For example, you may wonder if there’s any simple way to transfer your old phone data into the new one before donating it. Of course, there is an outstanding data transferring tool for Android users. Today we teach you how to copy contacts between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S6 with the help of Phone to Phone Transfer.
Transfer iPhone Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S6
The Android and iOS systems work differently from one another, even though they hold some similarities. Swapping files in between both can potentially cause file and/or format-related incompatibilities, in addition to other potential issues. Most users who transfer from an iPhone to an Android phone may find the entire process confusing at first. To start, transfer data from iPhone to Samsung doesn't merely involve switching from one phone to another - it's more like switching from one operating system to another.

Learning how to copy iPhone contacts to Samsung Galaxy phone naturally sounds complicated and prone to those aforementioned incompatibility issues. Information from Contacts, Messages and Mail have to get converted into 'readable' data for Android phones to process. This is, undoubtedly, the main part that confuses a lot of people. The entire transfer iPhone Contacts to Android process isn't that confusing once you learn how to do it. Here, we're going to take a look at how a special program – iPhone to Android Data Transfer – can help people keep all of their important contacts updated between phones. 

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Samsung Galaxy S6?

Step 1 Install and Launch Phone Transfer
After launching Phone Transfer, you can see the main interface of Phone Transfer as below.

Step 2 Connect Your Phone to the Computer via USB Cable
Connect your smartphone to the computer with the help of the USB cable. Within few seconds, the program will detect out your computer. You will get a window as below.

Step 3 Transfer Contacts between Phones
Select “Contacts” and click “Start Copy” to make the all contacts from phone to phone even in different operating system. Make sure that your phones are well connected to the computer all the time so that the process can end up successfully.

Tips: Apart from transferring phone contacts, Phone Transfer also empowers you to transfer all the data such as SMS, music, videos, images and apps from an existing phone at ease without worrying data loss. 
The phone transfer software can help you transfer data between devices which even supports the different OS, like Samsung supports Android, iPhone supports iOS, Nokia supports Symbian.

What's more about Phone Transfer:

Phone to Phone Transfer is an outstanding tool with which users can move data from one device to another. Data transfers can also be done within a few steps even between different operating systems—Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian OS. As for supported data, contacts, messages, pictures, call logs, music, videos and apps are all included.

-Transfer between devices: iPhone to iPhone, Android to Android, Symbian to Symbian, iPhone to Android, iPhone to Symbian, Android to Symbian, etc.

-Transferable Data: Photos, music, videos, SMS, contacts, call logs, calendar, as well as apps.

Note: Detail information like email address, job title, company, and so on, can also be transferred if you transfer phone contacts.

-Seamlessly Transfer: You don’t need to worry about losing any phone data because Phone Transfer is so perfect a smart phone transferring tool that everything you copy to another device will be 100% same as the original.

-Supporting System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32 & 64 bits)

Transfer iPhone Contacts,SMS,Photos Data to Samsung Galaxy S5

Want to quickly transfer your contacts, photos and other content from your iPhone to your Samsung Galaxy S5? Not sure how to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S5? This article teach you a easy use guide to copy data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S5 directly,you can also transfer contents from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S6 as the same steps.

Most of us dread the thought of having to transfer all of our data onto a new Samsung Galaxy S5 Android from our old iPhone. Getting all of our information out of Apple’s storage system and into the competing Google platform is intentionally made more difficult when our phone numbers are actually held hostage by Apple iMessage.
Transfer iPhone data to Samsung Galaxy S5
Because of this deliberately difficult process, many of us choose to stick with our old iOS simply out of fear of losing precious important information. We can choose to sync our contacts list and calendars through the iCloud network, but many of us now want to steer clear of iCloud altogether. Luckily, The phone transfer is well aware of this challenging dilemma, so it has created a program that will help to easily transfer data from iPhone to Samsung phone, including the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Phone to Phone Transfer is an almighty transfer tool that empowers you to transfer data between phones even if these two phones belong to different phone brands and supports different operating system. For example, transfer Nokia data to Samsung, transfer HTC data to iPhone or transfer iPhone data to Samsung. The steps to transfer data between phones are quite easy: Firstly, download the program; secondly, connect your phones; lastly, start transferring.

Download Phone Transfer on your computer and now it is time to witness the miracle: 

How to Transfer SMS,Contacts and Photos from iPhone to Galaxy S5

Step 1: Launch the phone to phone transfer tool
Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the MobileTrans program, you will want to initiate the program. Choose the “phone to phone transfer” option that will appear in the primary screen window. Once you have loaded this program option, you will now gain access to the home screen application.

Step 2: Connect both the iPhone and the Galaxy S5 to your computer

The MobileTrans will only work if both the old and new phones are connected to your computer at the very same time. But the beauty of this program is that it will instantly recognize both the iPhone and the Galaxy S5 phone automatically without any prompting. The program will even remind you that iTunes may need to be downloaded onto your computer in order to successful transfer this valuable data, waiting for you to complete the iTunes download in the process.

Step 3: Complete the transfer of all desired data onto your new Galaxy S5 phone

You will be asked if you want to erase all of the data from the new Android phone prior to completing the files transfer from your iOS device. This is only necessary if you want to completely clear the new smartphone, perhaps in cases where the phone was previously used for a short time by a friend or family member.

Next, a window will appear displaying all of the numerous data files available for transfer, including text messages, contacts list, documents, images, calendars, and much more. Simply select whichever items that you want to transfer from the list of options, and then click the “Start Copy” button. The data dump will begin instantly.

Note: It is important to remember that the completion time of the total transfer process will depend on your connection speed and file size. Therefore, do not disconnect either the iPhone or the Android phone until the MobileTrans software has alerted you that the entire transfer process is complete. 

Tips: You can also use this phone transfer to Backup iPhone Data to Computer and Restore data to Samsung Galaxy S5

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How to Print Text Messages from Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6

Summary: This article mainly teach you how to print SMS from Galaxy S4 smart phone as example to show you how to print text messages from Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 4, S5 and S6 with the Android Text Messages Recovery

Hello, I want to sell my Samsung galaxy s3 phone, before selling it I need to backup all text messages from Samsung galaxy s3 to computer, and print them. I tried many ways but filed, Is there any way help me transfer messages and print from Samsung galaxy s3? Thank you for help! - from Samsung Forum

Well, as is known to us, text messages is an important means to communicate with others, the text messages may record some relationship between others and us, especially those from our loved people such as girlfriend, boyfriend, good friends, etc. It is a pity to discard them along with the old Galaxy S3. So, printing text messages from Galaxy S3 is a good method to keep the old SMS. But how to export and print text messages from the phone ? This article will teach you how to recover messages from Samsung Galaxy.

As is known to us, the messages on your phone are saved on the internal memory, so, if you need to export the SMS from your Galaxy S3, you need some tool that can enter the internal memory. Here, Android Text Messages Recovery is a good choice. This program can read the files in the internal memory and export them from your device as long you the device is rooted.

Print Text Messages from Galaxy
About Android Phone Data Recovery
1. Can recover text messages, photos, contacts, and many other files from Android devices
2. Support Samsung Galaxy S, S2,S3,S4, S5 and the latest Samsung S6
3. Recover deleted texts from Android devices and save as printable CVS, XML or HTML file

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to Print Text Message from Samsung Phones in 3 Steps for Mac/Win?

Tips: You must avoid the data from being overwritten. To do this, the Samsung phone should not be used for any update, which will wipe off the missing files forever. What "update" means here is any new content added to the device, including photos , videos, audios and so forth.

Step 1 Connect your Samsung Device to the PC

Step 2 Enable USB Debugging for your Samsung Galaxy phone

When it comes to the second step, just as the program says in the interface, you need to enable USB debugging on your device so that it can be recognized by Android Data Recovery.
Follow the tips shown in the program according to your Android OS version:
1) Android 2.3 or earlier users: Go to "Settings" < "Applications" < "Development" < "USB debugging".
2) Android 3.0 to 4.1 users: Go to "Settings" < "Developer options" < "USB debugging".
3) Android 4.2 or newer users: Enter "Settings" < "About Phone". Press "Build number" for several times until you are informed that "You are under developer mode". Then go back to"Settings" < "Developer options" < "USB debugging".

Step 3 Scan all Text Messages from Samsung phone

You will get the following interface as your device is detected by the program. Click "Start" so the software will begin scanning for all data file on your Samsung, including text messages, contacts, pictures and videos.

You can see the Scanning process in the window below and get the remaining time from the progress bar.

If the following window appears after you click "Start", you need to press "Allow" button on the homescreen of your Samsung device until it disappears. Then click "Start" again to continue the scanning process.

Step 4 Preview, Recover and Save Samsung SMS on the PC

Wait for the scanning results patiently. Then you can get the files listed in categories on the left. Go to "Messages" to preview them in details. You can choose to check all SMS or only those you want to recover and save on computer. Click "Recover" at the bottom and choose a folder on your PC to store the file. Now the messages are saved as a HTML file for you to print.

Step 5 Print Samsung Text Messages to computer

Now, go to find the HTML file and open it. Choose "Print" function on the file option to directly print it out. It is pretty easy and convenient for you to make it.

Step 6 Back up Your Samsung Devices from Time to Time

It is a good habit to save your SMS in PC. When need, it can be used to restore the phone. Thus you won't suffer much loss. In case you don't know how to back up and restore Samsung, check our website out.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Also, you can recover Contacts from the scanning results, and save them as CSV, VCF or HTML file on your computer. Then you can print contacts from your Samsung mobile phone as you like. Don't hesitate. Come and try Android Data Recovery, your messages and contacts can be easily printed out as a piece of paper.

Tips: The Samsung Message Recovery program to meet all users' needs. With it, you'll have the ability to export any types of files on your phone like text messages, contacts, apps, photos, video, etc. to your computer and saved as .csv format. After that, you can print the file through a printer directly.

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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6

“There is a big change to delete text messages accidently when playing with your touch-based Android smartphone. I lost 30+ important text messages of my business partners due to the ‘help’ of my little baby girl. She has no clue about this and the deletion just happened seamlessly without any notice. The text messages are so important for my business that I have to recover SMS from Samsung Galaxy phone immediately.”

Many people may have experience of the above situation. When deleted your precious text messages by accident on Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5 or other Android Phone, you must want to recover them immediately, right? I want to tell you that the messages you deleted still exist in your phone! They don't go to the trash. These messages are just marked as useless information once deleted and can be overwritten by new data. You can still get back these deleted messages on Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6 until they are overwritten.

Recover Deleted Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy
 When the deletion occurs, stop creating any new data. That's to say, stop using your Samsung Galaxy for anything, like texting SMS, making calls, taking photos, etc. All you need is a professional Android data recovery tool, and here we recommend Android Messages Recovery program to recover deleted text messages on Samsung Galaxy easily and quickly.

Can’t find those text messages anyplace on the Samsung cellphone, and do not copy. In case it took place before, this was truly difficult to recover the misplaced sms from Android phone. However, it is not not problem. Using an Android Text Messages recovery program , you’ll be able to recover them effortlessly. So how? What you need is Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery and Android data recovery for Mac. With them, you can easily get lost sms messages from Android smartphone in just a few steps.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Samsung Galaxy Phone

Step 1 Install and Run the Andoird SMS Recovery Program
Please download the installation package first via above links. Then install it on the computer by following the default wizard. The software will be open immediately after the installation is finished.

Step 2 Turn on Android USB Debugging
USB debugging allows computer software to access Android device in a more advanced manner for further operations. Tap “OK” on your Android phone to enable usb debugging on your device when the software asks at start up. If you don’t know how to do it, please follow the instructions list below:
For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Go to Settings < Developer options < Check USB debugging
For Android 4.2 or newer: Go to Settings < About Phone < Tap Build number for several times until getting a note ‘You are under developer mod’ < Back to Settings < Developer options < Check USB debugging.

Step 3 Scan and Analyze Your Android Phone

Click the Start button on the main screen to let the software scan the lost messages you deleted previously. Please make sure the battery capacity is more than 30% as it takes some time to complete the scanning. In addition, the software needs you to grant super user permission to proceed to the next step.

Step 4 Preview and Start Recovering Lost Messages on Samsung Galaxy

A list of items will be displayed on different categories after the scan ended. Click the Messaging option on the left menu bar, and then it unfolds all of the text messages stored on your device, including the current list and deleted ones. The ones marked in red color are lost messages which is recoverable with the help of Android Data Recovery. Click “Recovery” button on the bottom of the screen to start the recovering process.

Besides message recovery, the Android Data Recovery is also capable of recovering deleted or lost contacts, photos, music, videos and documents, even WhatsApp messages are in the scope of support. With this powerful data recovery software, you are no longer in the worry of lost items on your Android phone.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version
Tips: The Samsung SMS Recovery can help you Print Text Messages from Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6.When Deleted text messages from Samsung Galaxy S5 or S4 by accident,you can easily deleted text messages from Galaxy S5/S4/S3/S2 using Android data recovery. In additional,you can Recover Data after Factory Reset for Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/S4/S3 .