Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Three cameras "brush eye" Unlock: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 iris recognition technology exposure

Boss movie appeared numerous times with a mysterious eye open laboratory door scene, your phone can do.

Recently, the US Patent and Trademark Office disclosed Samsung's patent, patent application display Samsung is doing iris recognition technology for mobile phones. The technology will first be used on August 2 this year released Galaxy Note 7 phones.

Samsung filed two patent trademark, namely "Galaxy Iris" ( "Iris," the English word) and "Galaxy Eyeprint". "Galaxy Iris" proprietary content is an image recognition systems, iris scanning subsystem by a light source composed of equipment and three cameras.

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About Galaxy Note 7 will be a three-camera news conference this month, foreign media have received invitations reported. The patent document also sit real exposure of the Galaxy Note 7 three cameras will be used for iris scanning recognition speculation.

Lighting apparatus back of the phone "Lighting Device" emits infrared light to the user's eyes, while iris recognition system automatically grab the user's face, eye image, thus generating an image signal. To obtain an image signal, the system can check the user's information through the iris.

If the iris scan fails, the phone system will provide a tutorial by voice to guide users on how to use the alignment of the eye and so on.

Of course, as one of the selling points, Galaxy Note three cameras 7 are not only used for iris recognition such a waste. Users can control the camera in shooting mode, two modes of operation of iris recognition mode.

In the smart phone user identification technology, is still in a general password to unlock and unlock fingerprint-based. In particular reducing the fingerprint to unlock the technical threshold, making thousand dollars are now equipped with the fingerprint machine are beginning to unlock the module.

But has been criticized fingerprint to unlock the "low sensitivity", "Finger situation demanding" and other issues have not been resolved. Users in wet finger, molt, wearing winter gloves at the scene using your fingerprint to unlock always very awkward.

From 2014, the rise of face recognition technology, has been entertainment than practical. Because the system can not handle the complex lighting conditions, as well as much lower face gesture recognition capabilities, users often facing the camera, "concave" shape a few minutes in order to be recognized.

Iris recognition itself also has a very low tolerance areas. December last year, Microsoft has tasted the Lumia 950XL fresh iris recognition. The first is the distance and angle of the eye to adjust to the middle of the lens, in addition to wearing reflective sunglasses can not be detected (translucent glasses and sunglasses can).

And with non-contacting operation compared to face recognition, iris recognition will detect the speed and accuracy have improved. But Samsung iris recognition are also many problems to be solved, if it is the same as the Lumia 950XL with experimental taste, or is likely to become tasteless.

The other configuration on Galaxy Note 7, the love Fan children learned that the phone will use the 5.7 inches AMOLED screen, it is unclear whether the sub-surface screen version and the regular version; the main camera 12 million pixels, the other two cameras pixel data is not there are definite message; 64GB storage space start; black, silver, blue three colors appearance.

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