Friday, June 9, 2017

How to Fix Broken or Bricked Samsung Phone to Normal

Last night, when I download a game App on my Samsung Galaxy S5, my phone got a virus attack. Then my phone was totally shut down. I tried to restart it,and it just stuck on the logo. Until now, I can’t make my phone work though I have tried a lot of ways. I’m helpless. How can I fix my bricked Samsung phone to normal?” Ginny asked.

As in the example above, virus attack can lead to bricked. There are some reason will also lead a phone to bricked, like play the Samsung phone in a new ROMs, root or upgrade the Samsung phone in a wrong method, get the Samsung phone into water by accident. If you phone get in bricked, you should first judge it’s a hard-bricked or soft-bricked. If the phone appears in the following situation like can be power any, the computer can’t read the phone or no responsive when you do any operating, we can identify this phone is get in a hard-bricked. It means this phone is totally damage and nothing can do to fix.

fix bricked Samsung phone
The performance of Soft-bricked can divide into many cases, we listed at below:

-Disabled to shut off
-Stuck on the vendor logo
-Gets a white or black screen of death
-Restart endlessly

Broken Android Phone Data Recovery can fix a broken or bricked Samsung phone to normal and extract files from the bricked phone to the computer. It is a safe and useful software will not do harm for your Samsung phone. This software just support those models: Samsung Galaxy Note 3/4/5, Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6 and Samsung Tab Pro 10.1. It is also able to recover contacts, photos,videos, messages, call logs and more from the broken Samsung phone or tablet. Let’s see how it fix on the broken or bricked Samsung phone to normal.

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Step on fix a bricked Samsung Galaxy S6 to normal

Step 1 Lunch and Select the Fix Mode

Download and lunch Samsung Phone Recovery. At the interface, you choose the mode “Broken Android Phone data extraction”. Due to your S4 is get into soft-bricked, so click “Fix Device”.

Tip: if you forget your password or can not touch on the screen, click”Start”.

Step 2 Select the Device Name and Model

Because we use S6 as a example, so the device name is Galaxy S4 and the model is SM-G9200.

Step 3 Enter the Download Mode

Follow the simple step to let the S6 enter Download Mode. Power off the phone > press and hold three buttons: "Volume Down", "Home" and "Power" > press the "Volume Up" button to enter the "Download mode".

Step 4 Analyzing the Bricked Samsung and Fix it to Normal

Connect your S6 to the computer after entering the Download Mode, and the program will download a recover package. It will recovery automatically.

Step 5 Recover Data from Bricked Samsung Phone with Broken/Black/Blank Screen

Wait a minutes, after the phone repaired, you can use this Samsung Phone Recovery to restore your data including contacts, SMS, music, photo and other documents. You can choose the mode  “Android data recovery” at the initial interface.

With this steps above, you can fix the broken or bricked Samsung phone in a simple way. At the same, you can use it to recovery data on your Samsung phone.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version 

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