Friday, June 9, 2017

Recover Data Contacts,SMS From Galaxy S6/S5 Broken Screen

Just at this morning, my little cousin accidentally push my Samsung Galaxy S5 to the ground. The screen of S6 is broken and my heart is broken too. I can’t reboot it and when I touch the screen it has no respond. My S5 is totally dead. Though my new phone is on my way, there still a lot of important data like contacts and SMS. Because these two are the only thing I have not backed up. How can I recover contacts and SMS files from the crash S5?

Samsung phone are very common in our daily life because of it’s high performance nowadays. Because it is easy to carry, sometimes the phone may fall down due to our careless. A Samsung phone fell to the ground when you running or riding a bike may cause a big crash. You find yourself staring on a blank screen when you open your device? Or you cannot open your files anymore? It can’t be use anymore. What’s worse, you didn’t have the habit of backup the phone data. It sounds horrible and helpless.

recover contacts,SMS,photos files from Samsung broken screen
When you meet such a problem, Broken Samsung Data Recovery which is well in recovery Samsung phone data can help you. By this program you can recover lost contacts and SMS from a Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S5 with broken screen. This software also can help you recovery the third-party App's attachments, music, photo, and video from the broken Samsung S6 and S5. This software supports Samsung only, including Galaxy Note 5/4/3, Galaxy S/6/5/4 and Galaxy Tab Pro10.1.

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Recover Contacts and SMS from Galaxy S6 with Broken Screen

Step 1 Connect Broken Screen Samsung Phone to PC

Before you get started, download and install the program on your computer. After that, launch it on PC and connect your device to computer. In the left pane of interface, you will see two options to choose. Just click on the "Broken Android Data Extraction". Then select "Start" to enter the fixing feature of your phone.

Step 2 Choose A Phone Model

Please click on the "Start" button to start the recovery process. After that, select your phone name and model to "Confirm". Please check on the list on the interface.

Step 3 Get Samsung Phone into Download Mode

Once you’ve confirmed your device model,follow the three steps as the interface tells to enter the download mode and click "Start" to wait this software to fix your phone to normal.. Then the program will start to perform the action within minutes.

Step 4 Analyze, Fix Samsung Phone to Normal

It will take a few seconds for the program to analyze your device. Once done, it will take a deep scan of all files stored in the device including contacts, messages, call history, WhatsApp history, and videos and so on. You are able to preview them on the left panel by clicking on the categories one by one.

Step 5 Scan and Preview Files Stored in the Broken Screen Samsung Phone

After fixing your phone successfully, this program will scan your phone data directly.

Step 6 Retrieve Lost Files from Samsung with Broken Screen

After previewing the photos,videos, contacts, text messages, call logs, WhatsApp messages, documents and other files you’d like to recover, make them down and then click "Recover" to extract the data from your broken-screen phone.

Free download the Broken Android Data Recovery and try to extract files from your Samsung phone with broken screen.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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