Sunday, November 30, 2014

How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Phone to Computer

Before root your Samsung mobile phone,you must to backup contacts to computer,after root the device,it may erase all contacts,including names, numbers, Email & addresses...To avoid data losing,you need to back samsung contacts to computer.

Transfer Contacts from Samsung Phone to Computer
Once lost contacts from your Samsung phone,as many users have complained that they lost contacts from their Samsung device, you may also get into this trouble future. As a matter of fact, we may lose contacts in many situations, which is totally a tragedy. So as to get rid of suffering from losing contacts, I suggest you to keep a backup data from Samsung to computer.
Once lost data on your Samsung,you can use a android phone data recovery to recover lost contacts from Samsung directly.

However, things are not always what you think they are going to be. In fact, you have no access to contacts on the internal memory of your phone, that is to say, you can't directly transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy to computer. But there is always a way out. I'd like to recommend you this Android Data Manafer software, which can help you completely backup contacts from Samsung Galaxy to computer directly. Then you will be able to restore them to your Samsung device if you lose contacts someday, or you can also keep them for other usages as you need.

Android Data Transfer is compatible to almost every Android phones, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, Google, and so forth, are included. The steps to import/export are quite simple that with several simple clicks, you can transfer contacts between Samsung and computer easily. There's also an easy way to transfer contacts to Samsung Galaxy, if you have a backup copy in your Gmail account or in vCard format.

There are two free trial version of Android Data Transfer (Windows & Mac version). Download one on your Windows or Mac computer, then operate it to backup contacts from Samsung Galaxy to computer: 

How to Backup Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5/Note to PC

Step 1: Set Up your Samsung Phone
First of all,please free download Android Data Transfer on your computer. After the installation finished, launch it. Then connect your Galaxy Note 3 to your computer via USB cable. Then, the program will detect your device automatically. After detecting, your Note 3 will be displayed in the interface of Android Transfer.

Samsung Contacts Transfer software
Step 2: Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Computer

After your device detected and displayed, click "Contacts" on the left side of the interface, then select the contacts first and then click the "Import/Export" button on the top of the interface. When the drop-down list appears, choose "Export selected contacts to computer" or "Export all contacts to computer" according to your preference. In the drop-down list, you can export your Samsung contacts to vCard files, Outlook 2003/2007/2010, Outlook Express, Windows Address Book and Windows Live Mail, etc.

Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Computer
Android Import Contacts
You can export them to vCard file easily and use Android Transfer to import Android contacts if you have backup copy of all contacts in vCard format on your computer or if you have saved all your Note 3 contacts to your Gmail account with more convenience.

Follow step 1 above to set up your Android phone with this program. Once you have finished setting up your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, click "Contacts" to move on. Then click "Import/Export" button to import your contacts from vCard, Windows Address book, Windows Live Mail, Outlook, and so on. Also, you can directly sync contacts to your Note 3 as long as you have save them on your Gmail, Facebook or other account like that.

Copy Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to Computer
All the above are the instructions on how to import/export Samsung contacts. Moreover, you can install Android apps, import and convert any audio and video format to your Samsung phone.   
Tips: The Android Data Manager for Mac tool is a simple yet powerful desktop tool designed for Android users. It can help you manage contacts, text messages, videos and music more efficient at a very easy manner. You can archive all the messages stored on your device by transferring text messages from Android to Mac. Sending or editing SMS via PC is also supported in default. With it, no matter how many messages your Samsung phone owns, you can handle it in a very simple way. 200 Samsung Devices are supported by the software, including Galaxy Note 1/2/3/4, Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, GT serial and many other more.

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