Friday, November 14, 2014

How to transfer data between Samsung Galaxy Phones with Phone Transfer

One of the biggest tasks after buying a new smartphone is to transfer all of that valuable data from your old phone to the new one. And Samsung knows how frustrating it could be, so they’ve launched a superb app called ‘Smart Switch Mobile’. Designed exclusively for Samsung Galaxy Android phones, this application allows users to easily transfer data from one Galaxy device to another just with a tap! Yes, you can now seamlessly transfer all your data from old to new Galaxy device with Mobile Phone Transfer,which allows you copy contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music,ect from old Samsung phone to new Samsung phone.

With the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app, you can easily transfer almost all types of contents, such as Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos, Music, Schedule, Memo, Call logs, WI-FI Setting, Wallpapers, Story album, S-Health, Lockscreen, and App List, from one device to another. This awesome app has been designed to work on all Galaxy devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher. As of now, the app is compatible with Galaxy devices like Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4-mini, Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Mega, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S2-HD, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Express, Galaxy R style, Galaxy Note 1, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 8.0, and Galaxy Note 10.1.

Free download the phone transfer:   
Perhaps the best thing about Smart Switch Mobile app is that it’s extremely easy to use. You can literally transfer all your data between two Galaxy devices in just a few simple steps! So, if you’re planning to purchase a new Galaxy device then make sure to install this outstanding app and follow the simple steps given below to switch from your old Galaxy phone to the new Galaxy device with ease. The app is currently available for free in the Google Play Store and the Samsung App Store.

Transfer data between Samsung Galaxy Phones using phone transfer app:

Step 1: Download phone transfer and install the app on your PC.

Step 2: Position the two devices close together (within 50cm) then run the app on both devices. Make sure that NFC is turned ‘ON’.

Then, hit the ‘Connect’ button on one of the devices to initiate the connection.

Step 3: Upon successful connection, you’ll see a list of data types that can be transferred. Now, select the content you want to transfer. As mentioned earlier, the app will allow you to transfer nearly all types of data. But when it comes to music and video files, you’ll be allowed to transfer only those files which are DRM (Digital Rights Management) Free.

Step 4: Tap the ‘Transfer’ button on the device where your content is. And then on the target device, press ‘OK’ to accept the transfer. That’s it. Now all your selected data will be transferred to your new Galaxy device.

However, remember that the process can take some time depending on the size of data that you’re transferring. For instance, if you’re transferring a lot of videos, music, and pictures then this could take quite a long time. Once the transfer is complete, you’ll get a message stating that the transfer is completed successfully. After that, just press the ‘Done’ button to exit.

(Note: You’ll not be able to establish a connection between devices if the application is not open or the button is not tapped on one of the connecting devices, or if a pair of earphones or a Bluetooth headset is connected to one of the devices)   

What’s more,the Phone to Phone Transfer can help you backup data from Samsung to computer or Mac,you can also use this phone transfer tool to restore data on Samsung galaxy phone directly.
If you want to sell your old phone,the mobile transfer supports erase all sms, contacts, photos, videos and other personal information on your android phone permanently,even no data recovery can restore them back.