Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to Samsung Galaxy/Note/Ace

[Summary]: If you have buy a new Samsung Galaxy smart phone,and want to charge you old Blackberry,the first thing you need to do is copy contacts from Blackberry to Samsung Galaxy phone.This article mainly teach you a easy way to transfer phone numbers from BlackBerry to Samsung directly.

Although Blackberry is no longer glorious before, it still has a large use base on the market. With the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S5 this month, there will be a lot of people like me, who are intended to sell their old Blackberry device to purchase the new one. This is pretty common in digital life as new devices and features are steadily introduced at a monthly basis. Surprisingly, prices are almost the same, which is a strong signal to encourage users to buy the new models from mobile phone manufactures.

Since you had used Blackberry for a considerably long time, any data stored in it could be useful so it is unacceptable if there was any damage during data transferring. You need to find a safe method which won’t cost you too much time. Surprise! I have not only one but two methods that can allow you an efficiently way to transfer contacts from BlackBerry phone to Samsung Galaxy within a short time. Now let’s check what these two methods are.

Transfer Contacts data from Blackberry to Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/S4/S3

This method will require you to install third party software on your computer. Do not feel uncomfortable about adding something you think might slow down your computer, because the Phone to Phone Transfer will never do that to any of your device, all functions this software provide only allows you to have a better control of your devices together with the data in them.   

Step 1 : Backup your Blackberry data first

This step is very important for the next steps; you should use BlackBerry® Desktop Software for BlackBerry OS 7.x and earlier or BlackBerry® Link for BlackBerry OS 10.x to help you back up data on your Blackberry first. This step is not difficult, just open your Blackberry Desktop and then click the Bach up function button which you can find at its primary window. Since it is not hard to backup your Blackberry files, you can do this regularly just in case there comes an unexpected data losing.

Step 2 : Connect your Blackberry and S6 Edge to the computer that installed with MobileTrans.

Use USB cables to connect your Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to your computer. Check the operation interface of this software; there is a green square shows you where to choose the Restore from backup function. You should choose this function and wait the software to detect your device before showing them at its interface.

Step 3 : Transfer Contact from Blackberry to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Check the left side of the interface and click the inverted triangle so that you can get the drop-down list that leads you to choose Blackberry backup files. After that, you can preview the data you had backed up in step 1, then choose the data you wanted, like contacts, the last step should be one simply click of Start Copy button.

Note: Phone Transfer has both suitable versions for Windows and Mac users. Both versions can support the latest operation system. 

What’s more about Phone Transfer:

BlackBerry to Samsung Contact Transfer(Phone to Phone Transer)
Restore contacts, SMS and call logs from the BlackBerry backup file and transfer to Samsung phone.

-Transfer all contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung phone.
-Copy call logs and SMS from BlackBerry to Samsung without any hassle.
-Support lots of Samsung devices, like Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note 3, Note 2, Note, S2, S and more.
-Work well with backup files of phones running BlackBerry OS 7.1 and earlier.

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