Monday, May 25, 2015

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung GALAXY

Summary: You have chance to transfer contacts, phone number from old iPhone to new Samsung Galaxy smart phone,like Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4/3/2, Galaxy Note 4/3,ect.

Finally, Samsung releases the GALAXY S4, which has attracted the attention of thousands. And once again your mind has been shaken. Billboards, broadcast, TV commercials, newspapers and magazines, everywhere has got its slogan -- Come and Experience! At last, you ditched your iPhone 4 and get your new GALAXY S4 and desperately to get started and tell your best friends about this great news. Turns out, you have no numbers at all! And the thought of syncing contacts, messages, photos, music and videos give you a big headache. What are you gonna do? You've got iPhone to Android Transfer to sort it out for you! What a blast!

transfer iphone contacts to android samsung
Many people need to copy the valuable info to a new phone. Then they search on the internet, but find nothing. So, is there even a way to save data directly on a different phone which is based on a different OS? The answer is yes. To transfer contacts between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone,all you need are two USB cables, a computer and this iPhone to Samsung Transfer.

The Samsung-iPhone-Transfer: Phone to Phone Transfer is a outstanding tool which can be used for copying files between two OS's, including contacts, apps, music, photos, videos, call logs, messages and more. And it can be applied to iOS, Android and Symbian.

This Phone Transfer program are available as fine escorts. Whether you’re switching to a different phone or changing carriers, the phone transfer app can make it extremely easy for users to copy everything between different phones regardless of operation system, everything it transfer is 100% the same as the original one, including contacts, messages, videos, apps and other data. The following simple steps are to be adhered and it will all be done in minutes. Here is the chronology of how to proceed. 

Copy Contacts between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone

Step 1 Install and Run Phone Transfer App on Your Computer
Now download the suite and run it so that it gets installed. The screen will automatically appear after the installation. The Windows and Mac version are now available for download, it is extremely easy to use and requires no configuration or additional app.

Step 2 Connect iPhone and Galaxy S5 or S6 to the Same Computer
You need to connect both the devices to the system through USB. The USB drivers have to be ensured if both the devices are to be sensed. Once detected, both your Samsung phone and iPhone will be shown in the window. Make sure the iTunes are installed on your computer.

Note: There is a "Flip" button on bottom of the program, which allows users to switch the destination or source device.

Step 3 Began Analyzing and Transferring iPhone Contacts to S5/S6
In this step, the program will automatically analyze and read the data in your iPhone device, then display each items with numbers. Then just select the data you need to transfer from the content list, click Start Copy button located at the bottom of the app, after a short time, you will see a small window pop up and tell you all work is done. Just note that the connection can not be broken during the transfer.

All the above processes offer authentic routes to transfer the contacts from your iPhone to S5 or S6 efficiently. The first two are the authentic, but complex while the third one that relies on app Phone to Phone Transfer has really proved to be a smart process that offers swift results and in a safe way too! The requirement to enable iCloud and register for Google Accounts is also not required here! So choose your route wisely.

Contacts removal from Samsung to iPhone is not the only thing that Mobile Transfer can do. If you want to do this with a Symbian phone or BlackBerry, it can still meet your demand.    

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