Monday, May 25, 2015

How to transfer data from iPhone 4S/5/5S to Android phone?

Transfer data between iPhone and Android phone seems not easy, especially when the data is huge. Of course, if you have backed up your iPhone data to computer, you can transfer them to Android phone via a USB cable quickly. What if those data on iPhone are unique? In this case, they can't be moved to Android phone.

Transfer Data Between iPhone and Android Phone

Actually, without any tedious and troublesome, you have an easy way to solve this matter with the help of iPhone to Android Transfer program, which can totally tackle your thorny problem and cope contacts including the ones in your iCloud, Exchange and other accounts, SMS, songs, movies and pictures to your Android phone. iPhone to Android Transfer is a simple but effective phone transfer tool to transfer data. You just need one click, then you can transfer data between iPhone and Android phone and never need to worry about any data loss during the transfer.

iPhone to Android Transfer
iPhone to Android Transfer is a professional transfer tool designed to transfer contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, audio, videos calendar and apps between iPhone, Android, Nokia (Symbian) and BlackBerry in just one click! You can use this Phone Transfer to transfer data between iPhone and Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola, Huawei...
It is worth trying because it has the following powerful and amazing features:

iPhone to Android Transfer is a professional transmission tool to transfer data between mobile phones.
It is able to help you back up smartphone data to computer and restore the backup from PC quickly and safely.
Support to erase up all information of Android device effectively.
Last but not least, it ensures no compromise of quality of the transferred content and it is risk-free so that you don't need to worry about the leaking of personal information. 

Tips: The Phone to Phone Transfer Switching to a new shining Samsung? Fantastic! What to do with all data residing on your old handset? One-Click Android Transfer allows you to transfer data between different devices with ease.
If you use Samsung,you can read this use guide about how to transfer data between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

How to Copy SMS,Contacts,Photos,Videos data from iPhone to Android?

Step 1. Download and run Mobile Phone Transfer
To get started, install and run Mobile Transfer on your computer. Then the main interface window will be pop up, select "Phone to Phone Transfer", click "Start".

Note: The Mobile Transfer program need iTunes's company to make sure it can transfer data from iPhone to Android phone successfully. Hence, don't forget to install iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. Connect both of your Android phone and iPhone to the computer
Connect both of your iPhone and Android phone to the computer at the same time via 2 USB cables. Once both of your phones are detected by Mobile Transfer, it will display the two phones at the place of "Source" and "Destination" in the primary window.

There lies the "Flip" button between the two phones. Thus, if you want to move data from Android to iPhone, click it.
You can tick off "Clear data before copy" when you want to empty your destination phone to save data.

Step 3. Transfer iPhone data to Android,or copy data from Android to iPhone
As you can see, the data you can transfer are contacts, text messsages, music, photos and videos. Now, click "Start Copy" to do the job of data moving from iPhone to Android.

Don't disconnect your phones in the whole process.

Step 4. Transfer data from Android phone to iPhone
The data you can transfer from Android to iPhone will be displayed as a list. Choose the data you want to move and click "Start Copy" to transfer data from your Android phone to iPhone. It will take you seconds. Please make sure the phones are always connected during the transfer. When the transfer is finishes, click "OK" button.

Wow, well done! You have transferred the data between your Android phone and iPhone now.
In addition to switching data between iPhone and Android, the Mobile Transfer is really a good helper in coping files between your phones based on iOS, Symbian and Android. Everything that Mobile Transfer switch totally the same as the original, so you never need to worry about any data loss during the transfer. 

What’s more,you can use this Phone Transfer to Backup your Android data to PC
Information is the new currency. Data on your smartphone can be valuable most of the time. Backing up your data should be everyone’s priority. One-Click Android Transfer allows you to easily backup all data to computer, safe and secured.

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