Monday, December 14, 2015

How to Back Up Pictures from Your Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/S4 to Dropbox

Dropbox is among the simplest and most-elegant cloud-based storage and file-synchronization tools. This excellent service gives you access to your files no matter what computer or device you have at hand. You can install Dropbox on virtually any computer or mobile device you own to have instant access to all your files. If you've ever suffered through the process of emailing yourself documents so you could have them on multiple computers, you understand why Dropbox's service is vital. I review the personal Dropbox service here, but PCMag has also reviewed Dropbox for Business. For personal use, and particularly for solo work, Dropbox works simply and effortlessly. For collaboration, Editors' Choice Google Drive is better because it lets you not only access files, but also edit them and see other people editing at the same time.
If you want to backup sms,contacts,call logs from Samsung Galaxy and restore them back,you must to use third-part program,and you can read more from this articles about how to backup and restore data from Samsung Galaxy.

Backup Samsung Photos with Dropbox
Dropbox has been in the file-syncing and storage game for years, and its maturity shows. There are Dropbox apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and BlackBerry. And in a pinch, there's a Web app that works well, too.

Easy way to share Samsung pictures on the Internet with Dropbox account. The Dropbox app is included with your Samsung Galaxy tablet, and signing up for Dropbox is part of the tablet’s setup and configuration. Even if that’s no longer the case, you can still obtain and use Dropbox to save and share photos. In fact, sharing photos is automatic.

How to Back Up Photos from Your Samsung to Dropbox

Step 1: Open the Dropbox app.

Step 2: Press the Menu button and choose the Settings command.

Step 3: Touch the Turn On Camera Upload text.

The text is found below the Camera Upload heading. If it instead reads Turn Off Camera Upload, you’re all set. Unless you have a cellular tablet, in which case it is recommended that you:

Step 4: Select the Upload Using item.

Step 5: Select Wi-Fi Only.

By setting this item, you ensure that the tablet uploads images only when connected to a Wi-Fi network. That means you won’t use precious megabytes from your monthly mobile data allocation.

The YouTube Video explains how to backup pictures and videos from Samsung using dropbox on andriod. The video was made with intention to guide persons with the galaxy s4.You can also backup photos from Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/S3/Note 5/4/3 to dropbox. In additional,if you want to backup contacts and SMS from Samsung to computer,please read the use guide as below:

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With camera upload on, any image you snap is instantly copied to the Camera Uploads folder in your Dropbox account. If you use Dropbox on a computer, you can immediately access those pictures and videos. That’s handy.