Saturday, February 20, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Four Key Features

Although Samsung Galaxy S7 few days before official release, but now people have begun turning their attention to another the next upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

Frankly speaking, many users believe that the hand of Samsung Note series is the real flagship series, after all, this is also true with the formation of differentiated iPhone models, it is also due to the Samsung Galaxy Note series, so that the stylus and tablet phone into a couple of people.

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According to news, Samsung will release 6 September 2016 at the IFA (Berlin Consumer Electronics Show) in the Galaxy Note. In addition to publishing outside of time, which also lists the four most likely in the Galaxy Note 6 to achieve evolutionary function.

1. the multi-stage pressure-sensitive screen: Apple's 3D Touch-sensitive screen technology allows touch technology has become a new trend of development. In fact, Samsung has already cooperate to build a multi-stage pressure-sensitive screen technology and Synaptics, and is expected to be implemented on Galaxy Note 6.

2. better video capabilities: Because Samsung Galaxy S7 replacement of a new 12 million pixel camera unit, so it will be equipped with the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 a certainty, this also means that the imaging capability Note 6 to have a qualitative leap.

3. maximum support 256GB external memory card: This is an important feature of Android phones, Android is a lot of important reasons for refusal iPhone fan, whether or S7 Note 6, external memory card support is essential to the function.

4.more amazing battery life: Considering Samsung is ready to accommodate 3600 mA battery in S7 Edge is so slim, we have every reason to believe that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be equipped with more than 4000 mA battery, and the machine body size is still slim.

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