Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Launch Event Confirmed on February 21 MWC Conference

Galaxy S7 Release Date Revealed:Samsung Galaxy S7 Launch Event Confirmed on February 21 MWC Conference?

As early as last November, there was news that Samsung will hold a conference on February 21 in Barcelona, ​​and in the conference this time and place, it is easy to guess which is the Galaxy S7 conference, after all, this has been Samsung is the third consecutive year at a press conference held here, the first two of the main characters are Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6, who is the protagonist of this year, I am afraid we do not think about.
Famous whistleblowers Evan Blass recently released two pictures, showing The Next Galaxy on the first picture, the second is the date of February 21, 2016 of. Although Evan Blass did not specify the source of pictures, but it is clearly out of the picture with Samsung.

According to the current view of the many revelations, Galaxy S7 and S6 is exactly the same shape, but the hardware specifications of the upgrade is huge. 4GB RAM large memory for fluency system have a solid guarantee, even at the same time open two 3D games, can guarantee seconds to switch between.

Exynos 8890 processor is Samsung's first self-designed processors, which followed the Exynos 7420's 14nm process, the data on paper is simply perfect. Apart from the Samsung processor independent, part of S7 also use Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 processor, which also is the top processor, and also from Samsung's 14nm process, compared to 20nm process 810 more reassuring.

In addition, Galaxy S7 camera specifications will be greatly improved, the number of pixels of 12 million, although more than 16 million Galaxy S6 pixel to be low, but it has a 1/2 inch sensitive area, large aperture F / 1.7 of in the face of these improved, less than 400 million pixels is not worth mentioning.

Galaxy others changed S7 series, it is on the screen size, the same screen size does not appear straight and curved screen screen the two models, Galaxy S7 edge will directly increase to 5.5 inches.