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Samsung Galaxy C5 / C7 Reviews: selling points, features are enough, but less design

From the beginning to now, Internet phone "freeze", the traditional channels of phone surging, as the world's most hypermarkets in China mobile phone seems to be slowly carried out a new round of restructuring. This is, for very sensitive market trends Samsung, natural look in the eyes. New machine "ultra-thin, all-metal body, 2.5D arc glass, four typical metallic color", covering most of the major selling point of the mobile phone market. However, exactly how the product, we do a simple experience to get started.

Overall hardware, the Samsung Galaxy C5 has a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED screen material 1080P; Xiaolong 617 carrying eight-core processor (A53) + 4GB RAM + 32 / 64GB ROM basic hardware combinations. Pricing is higher Galaxy C7 5.7 inch 1080P resolution screen, the body is a combination of hardware Xiaolong 625 + 4GB RAM + 32 / 64GB ROM.

Both with the rest of the pre-800-megapixel camera +1600 megapixel camera combination, dual card full Netcom and maximum 128GB memory card expansion (dual memory expansion card and a second election), and the Samsung have to pay.

Not wrong appearance:

The design is not wrong, this phone is my first impression. The new machine is less than the outside elements of Samsung mobile phones in the past, but rather to see a lot of other phones shadow, private chat, I humbly believe this is the section of "What do pop" as the standard design of the product. Of course, Samsung is still in the details of technology standards, so it is still touch grip are significantly better than the Friends channel some pushing the main line, not named in this analogy.

+ Details fillet processing line

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Such details of the process, such as lifting the edges using the "straight and rounded delicate transition", on the one hand will not feel the difference between pure linear transition edges of the case, it also avoids the situation of pure fillet hold up the place to focus. Spraying particles of the fuselage on the back of a more delicate touch and the colors are quite elegant.

At the top of the handset as well as sensor and lens slightly random

Overall, C5 / C7 series appearance on behalf of major international companies + precise positioning of large data standards, but to be honest you can not see the phone standing in what is aesthetically innovative. Although the indicators may be integrated together to make the purchase without frequent contact phone users, there are enough gimmicks and attractive; however, such as the front fuselage speaker handset looks no interest screen beauty, the fuselage hit the face of various products, it is inevitable to make the habit of carefully selected users love it up.

System with Chinese characteristics

System level, Samsung for local users UI for a new adjustment, color fuselage redrawn different themes; and eliminating the need for domestic users often idle "negative one screen, the search bar." The "good localization" is Sony, HTC. Even Apple will be fine hanging in the mouth, but for Samsung, this is really done reality.

How to explain this problem, we can be for several functions: to intercept telephone fraud, grab a red envelope. Despite telephone fraud were many Korean people question the social science do not speak, simply "grab a red envelope" full of strong Chinese characteristics. This California produced apples destined to catch up, just put into Baidu search bar Sony, Samsung also the localization system has many gaps.

In addition, Samsung has once again come up KNOX function explaining to do, although as a "dual system secure storage space", this function has always existed, but few people use it around. The Samsung has put this feature again put out, because the focus is adjusted to promote its "double micro letter." Yes, the fire in the past six months to not function in the Samsung comes with features inside, lay quietly for a couple of years.

The rest, the Samsung also notice a large number of functions integrated into the menu and streamlined out some useless functions. If the previous international brand localization emphasize only reflected in the price, then the Samsung did from the appearance of built-in features of a comprehensive transformation; you may even want to see the store promoters holding the phone analogy scene with the price of domestic plane, this is dependent on certain "female, thin" such selling domestic manufacturers, is undoubtedly a headache.

Just enough performance

About performance, since this is a scene from the simple to use, so some parts destined vacancies, such as running points. According to our previous description Galaxy C5 using Xiaolong 617 eight-core processor, while the Galaxy C7 is used Xiaolong 625, compared with the common market Xiaolong 652 or 615, both Soc interview in late ,, we do this simple science.

First is Galaxy C5 Xiaolong 617, 615 as Xiaolong vest in the second half of last year, the chip also used in the HTC One A9 body. An extremely Bunny four levels, eight A53 chip, the chip actually popular compared to 615 last year Xiaolong more is to enhance the support of a baseband network. Although the performance is not Samsung's flagship series, Xiaolong 617 basic enough, but if you find a short board on the phone, then it should be no doubt Soc.

C5 Galaxy C7 expensive than the $ 400 chip also adjust Xiaolong 625, as the first mobile phone equipped with this chip would like, we are now at hand is not much reference material. But from Qualcomm official sources, although the eight A53 uses the same chip, but the clock speed up to 2.0GHz, and the use of the latest generation of 14nm process technology, to improve the overall energy consumption do not control a lot. GPU part of the selection Adreno 506, the image processing capacity has increased significantly. Though not Xiaolong 652, but has reached the high-end flagship threshold.

The other two epitome of sound + games, localization

In addition, the sound quality has also become a selling point Samsung. Friends and domestic direct promotion of different DAC decoder chip, the Samsung emphasizes the detrimental reduction and adjustment sense of hearing audio and music, as has previously launched similar functionality.

Enhance the sound quality but it is not clear HiFi

From the analysis of the level of principle, Samsung C Series can be adjusted by ear feel different effects on different frequency sound sound distribution curve. To ensure that the proportion of tri-band in your ears the most comfortable of science. It can be counted as "audio equalizers" an upgraded version. But essentially, sound density and sound adjustment details are not the focus of Samsung. For the average user, it will make ordinary music more "comfortable", but it does not reach the level of HiFi sound quality improvement.

Gamepad like this

In addition, Samsung C series phone comes Gamevice game pad, and further adaptation of the domestic specialized applications. This large number of domestic users of mobile games, is undoubtedly good news.

Although it is not extreme, but it is qualified market reaper

Market is excellent products? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But from the annual mobile phone manufacturers sales data, "you can read what you need to own," can often brilliant smile. This is, well versed in marketing of the Road Samsung Natural by heart. So this big market in China, Samsung in last year dished out the "cover pleasure," the name to the Chinese people, not just an adjustment metaphysics. Large data, Chinese users generally like what height microcosm in this product; if coupled with Samsung's years of work in China channels, premium brand itself, this should be a good sales data.

Look familiar

But other than the data, this is not one to show too much design ingenuity, innovation and attitudes products. This is my personal point of view to be expressed standing section.

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