Sunday, May 29, 2016

Samsung Galaxy C7/C5 price, specifications, features, comparison

Since the popularity of smart phones, like the domestic market had changed dramatically, conduct a new round of restructuring, very sensitive to market trends, Samsung will naturally take measures. Samsung 26 in Beijing officially released a new C series of smart phones, but also released two new machines, namely the Samsung Galaxy C5 and C7, Samsung C series can be said to create specifically for the Chinese market, Samsung Galaxy C7 can simply be understood Galaxy C5 is an enlarged version, of course, different configuration, the Samsung Galaxy C5 has a 5.2-inch 1080P screen, equipped Xiaolong 617 eight-core processor, 4GB memory on the Samsung Galaxy C7 5.7 inch 1080P resolution screen, Xiaolong 625 processor, ultra-thin, all-metal, 2.5D glass, covers the major selling point of the phone's core, what is the product? we take a look

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Good body design, reaching the level of international manufacturers, Samsung Galaxy C5 and C7 are used after the all-metal shell, using a seamless integration of processing metal body, and achieve industry-unique, fine spray to 0.45 microns sand, spray particles back of the fuselage is more delicate, so that the body, such as skin-like feel silky soft and smooth. Edge of the fuselage has done a rounded ridge line treatment, holding the grip more comfortable, not La hand, it will not be too slippery edge round and sell great.

The new TouchWiz are optimized in the software and content, especially for the local user UI for a new adjustment, color fuselage redrawn different themes. But also made localization function: to intercept telephone fraud, grab a red envelope. Despite telephone fraud were many Korean people question the social science do not speak, simply "grab a red envelope" full of strong Chinese characteristics, and intelligent SMS technology provider channel analysis treasure Samsung customized solutions. It is worth mentioning that the Samsung Galaxy C5 and 7 support Samsung Pay feature. Although the Galaxy C series does not support MST pay, but you can still scan code via NFC payment and pay Alipay.

4G memory can be said that this year the mainstream standard mobile phone, Samsung certainly will not miss, and the processor, Galaxy C5 used Xiaolong 617, compared to last year's popular Xiaolong 615, an increase of more baseband support, but also basic enough. Galaxy C7 is used Xiaolong 625 latest generation of 14nm process technology, with eight Cortex-A53 processor cores, clocked at up to 2GHz, equipped with Adreno 506, image processing capability significantly improved performance over tough. In addition, the sound quality has also become a selling point Samsung. Friends and domestic direct promotion of different DAC decoder chip, Samsung emphasizes the sense of hearing and the adjustment for the reduction of detrimental sources, it is possible to restore real-time high-definition audio, allowing consumers to enjoy the clear pure sound quality. Finally, Samsung C series phone comes Gamevice game pad, and further adaptation of the domestic specialized applications for game console is definitely good news.

Samsung this year seemed increasingly focused on optimizing China market, last year named the "Cover Music World," this is definitely not just an adjustment metaphysics, Chinese users generally like what the Samsung Galaxy C5 and C7 gave look the Samsung explanation given. Samsung indeed years of work in China channels, premium brand itself, are very good, all the Samsung Galaxy C5 and C7 are very balanced, though not innovative products, but rather an intimate products. 2199,2399 yuan price Samsung Galaxy C5, C7 2599,2799 price, the price is very good. Later, Fan Fan will give us experience evaluation, the time may wish to focus on some.

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