Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge experience: efficient, very beautiful

The latest generation flagship Galaxy S7, S7 edge mystery has been solved, with these two phones to enter the market, the reporter in advance to experience the Galaxy S7 edge for some time, for product appearance, performance, game, shooting and other aspects of experience, to provide the reader is referred.

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"This phone oh so beautiful!" This is for everyone to pick up Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge hear most often, compared to previous years, the S series and Note series, the Samsung phone really a lot of pretty, but Galaxy S7 edge is far, correspondents experience the mobile phone among the best products and services.

The phone uses a 5.5-inch screen, the same QHD Super AMOLED screen, the design combines the Galaxy S6 edge of the screen with the Galaxy Note hyperboloid hyperboloid Rear advantage 5, and the upper and lower edges of the front screen, especially as the frame slightly bent, plus the texture of paint itself, the whole branch phone feels like a jewel, impressive, although this phone is 5.5 inches, but many feel it is not too big, but fairly easy income jeans pocket .

▲ ▼ Galaxy S7 edge appearance list. (Figure / reporter Hung Shing One photo)

▲ Galaxy S7 edge although larger screen to 5.5 inches, but the width of the screen but not have the same 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus so wide, and because both before and after covering four generations on 3D Gorilla Corning Glass with a narrow frame design, makes the phone very easy it can be placed in the jeans pocket, and get pumping.

If technical specifications, this phone has both front and back with the 3D glasses, the screen width than the previous generation of large 0.4-inch, but the phone width of only 72.6mm, compared to 77.9mm for the iPhone 6s Plus not only narrow, but more than double curved screen brings borderless experience, mobile phones thickness 7.7mm, length 150.9 mm, using Corning gorilla glass for four generations, with good electrical conductivity of aerospace grade 6013 aluminum alloy one-piece frame, strength better than the previous generation .

▲ Galaxy S7 edge Aerospace-grade 6013 aluminum alloy one-piece frame, front and rear are covered with 3D gorillas four generations of Corning Glass.
* IP68 waterproof and dustproof:
Reporters must remind waterproof and dustproof function of this phone. If you have used the Sony Xperia waterproof mobile phone users will know when the phone into the water, drying the phone really must, then recharge. Same, the Samsung Galaxy S7 series of phones, support to IP68 waterproof and dustproof, but you can clearly see from the photo, this phone regardless of radio hole, micro USB speaker transmission hole or bottom of the phone, are not totally waterproof plus dust cover, which means that this phone is waterproof and dust from internal measures, in fact, especially on the inside of the Samsung USB transfer hole and audio transmission hole SIM card slot with the bottom of the especially loaded with special materials reinforced waterproof and dustproof.

In other words, consumers do not have to worry about the phone into the water will not be broken, but once the phone into the water, be sure the phone is completely dry, then a charge, for the operation of the SIM card, otherwise may not only harm the phone, will be unable to take place charged condition, which is into the water after the actual trial experience.

▲ ▼ Galaxy S7 edge support IP68 waterproof and dustproof function machine at the end with a waterproof and dustproof waterproof dust cover alternative measures, but after the water, if you want to charge, open the SIM card slot, be sure to dry, dry.

* Support dual card dual standby with SD card expansion:
Perhaps you did not necessarily demand dual SIM card, it is believed that this part can be inserted microSD card, a mobile phone will be one of the reasons it is worthwhile to start with, so special mention here, because Samsung S6 edge with Note 5 this part canceled, and S7 series and make it back! For Samsung lovers, microSD card previously used, can all be inserted with the back, for the average player, even the lowest purchase price of the 32GB version, to be inserted through the micro SD card, additional expansion up to 200GB of storage space.

As for communications, Samsung confirmed through Taiwan, the Taiwan version will open Hybrid SIM card slot, that is, on the same SIM card tray, you can put two nano SIM card dual card dual standby, or a nano SIM card, a micro SD card, and support hot-swappable, which means that the phone is switched on under the premise, you can swap directly with the back of the card pin card.

▲ Taiwan version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge will support dual card dual standby, use metal back Hybrid SIM card slot.
Then it comes to product performance, S7 series has two processor version, are brand new 4GB LPDDR4 memory. International version uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, Taiwan version equipped with the Samsung Exynos 8890 eight-core processor, using four core 2.6 GHz Mongoose, using four core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53, Samsung this very smart mobile phone So can the efficient allocation of energy consumption, rather than through software calibration, causing the phone at high speeds is easy because the energy distribution problems, and let the phone overheat, reduce the performance of mobile phones, but also easy consumption; in addition, in order to keep Samsung Fengyun eight-core processor performance in the mobile phone body, particularly in the phone design of the cooling duct, which is Samsung's mobile phone since its launch, for the first time to do design.

Practical applications, this phone can be very exact speed, which is so far used mobile phones among reporters, the fastest response phone, but not dead had been not only dramatically reduce boot time, if you are going to download games, install the game, the speed than before phones are also fast, most felt when playing the game, if you hit a large battle group, the phone screen will become very smooth, open the application again is speed increases many feel like "everything is ready", incidentally, security Bunny ran sub result of more than 12 extreme.
Equipped with Samsung Exynos 8890 processor Samsung Galaxy S7 edge security Bunny ran sub score nearly 13 million.
* Pictures:
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge camera features let reporters love to hate is to test the machine provides.
From the technical specifications, the main lens of this phone before and after the F1.7 aperture, the size of the pixel area is 1.4μm, sensor size of 1 / 2.6-inch, wide-angle 26mm, shot up to 16 million pixels pixels. Front of the camera is 500 million pixels, wide-angle 22mm. The main lens than the previous generation, a 25% increase in the amount of light per unit area of ​​photosensitive pixels than the previous generation to enhance 56%. Main lense OIS optical anti-shake with Dual Pixel-focus photography, the mobile phone has a faster AF, faster shooting speed, and even did not feel the phone has focus, you can take pictures.

▲ ▼ Galaxy S7 edge main camera 16 million pixels, support for 4K video recording, front and rear lens aperture is F1.7, and has a Dual Pixel-focus photography, the built-in food, professional and other shooting functions, as convex lens, but the highlight is not so obvious . (Figure / reporter Hung Shing One photo)

▲ Galaxy S7 edge outdoor real shot.

Galaxy S7 edge outdoor real shot
▲ Galaxy S7 edge Metal Products Sign and portrait real shot.

Tips: If you deleted photos on your Samsung phone by careless,you still have chance to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy.

▲ Galaxy S7 edge Landscape photography.

▲ Galaxy S7 edge backlighting real shot.

▲ Galaxy S7 edge indoor real shot.

▲ Galaxy S7 edge night shooting.

For Dual Pixel AF photography, Samsung Electronics made a little bit of explanation, the first Dual Pixel design, so that the pixel sensor cell phone each pixel has two photosensitive diodes, and that the two photosensitive diodes can be independently illuminated, that is, said that the two photosensitive diodes can detect the signal, respectively, so-called "automatic induction phase focusing" function, even two photos can be merged, this design not only makes the phone faster shooting, the sensitivity can be promotion.

New features in the camera application to join the "dynamic picture" with "dynamic tracking AF" two functions, motion picture can shoot photos, capture a few seconds before the action made a short film, a bit like the iPhone 6s have Live Photo function, which as the name suggests, is because the Dual Pixel design, so that the phone can achieve rapid recovery coke, but after this feature is enabled, the phone can not be anti-shake photography, we must pay attention to it.
Galaxy S7 edge of the self-timer function is good, because the larger the aperture, coupled with automatic flash function (similar to the iPhone 6s function), so the screen as a fill light to enhance the effect of the self-timer, who was shot in the face because of lighting was instant and not black.

▲ Galaxy S7 edge before the camera self-timer.
In addition, S7 series inherited last year, Samsung designed "double-click quick start" feature, simply press the HOME key twice, you can enable the camera and take pictures of the action, in theory, "pressing the two will be able to quickly take pictures," this experience should is no problem, the actual ratio of the iPhone 6s S6 edge with these three cell phones, this phone can be found in front of the camera regardless of the main lens or camera quality is worthy of Kerry tour. However, perhaps the relationship between the test machine, reporters often in the hands of this S7 edge browsing Facebook, send and receive email or play games when direct "double-click quick start" to enable the camera, there will be about a 50% chance, it will become only can preview the captured image, you can not take pictures in the user experience, it is much penalty points.
Starting in 2014, Samsung's Galaxy series, special emphasis gaming experience, but especially in the Galaxy S7 series, in addition to the cooperation game dedicated peripheral hardware such as handles with third parties, the Samsung S7 efforts on hardware and software integration, bold switch to the Vulkan API, not only enhance the phone's 3D computing power, but also to strengthen the contrast of light and shadow, color drawback is that the game may be different than in the past to feel the game experience, players will find themselves in the game a little aggravated tone.
In addition, players in the Galaxy S7 series download games, the game will automatically enter the "Games activator" inside, which is not just simply a game put together in order to facilitate the search folder, the player can set folder inside save up electricity (30FPS), power (30FPS) with Close (60FPS) and other three functions, with screen resolution by adjusting the game update rate to achieve a mobile phone during the game saving results.
Open the game at the same time, also designed the lower left corner "tool for the game" small ball, in order to avoid affecting the course of the game players, this little ball can be moved freely to any corner of the players, but once open, you can enable "game Do not interrupt, "" recently used to lock the keys and return key, "" narrow window game "," screenshots "," video "and other functions, and reporters to see the game itself, there are versions of the tool (beta version from machine settings as V0.09) number, and open source licenses, I believe the future will provide more interesting features of this player, the initial feel may rarely use, but will find that after a period of use of mobile phones is really quite practical.

▲ Galaxy S7 edge built-in tool for the game, allowing the player to enable the game in the process can enable the "game ban disturb", "locking the most recently used keys and return key," "narrow game window," "screenshots", "Video" and other functions, this function also directly open source license.
* Saving:
During this year's MWC 2016, the most frequently asked questions is, "the day you turn on the phone a few times?" In fact, this "Always On" feature vendors who want to provide the latest mobile phone shop terrier, currently seen like Samsung, LG, Sony has. Simply put, this function will always appear time, the original version is the most energy efficient black and white, which makes everyone's phone, the time display function directly, when asked, "What time is it?", You I can not say a word, direct phone out to see the other side, instead of pressing the power button, turn on the screen, and then look at the time.

▲ Galaxy S7 edge with a number of power-saving mechanism in which one is through this Always On feature that lets users do not have to open the phone to see the time.
In addition at the time, there are mentioned in the previous paragraph setting function activator game, game performance by reducing the effect of the province to achieve points; In addition, Samsung Electronics to "save frequently used phone" do a lot of little tricks, like it is usually the most commonly used "double-click quick start", as it reduces the user at least three procedures to quickly open the camera.
In addition, it had seen the factory phone gesture, like "performance optimization" feature, such as "somatosensory dial" (as long as the phone moves to the ear, you can dial the telephone number of the moment), such as in Galaxy Lab provides "long-press the Home button you can say a contact's name to dial the number" experimental features and more.
In short, once the use habits, not only very fast, very handsome use all the features on your phone, but you can also reach the mobile phone enables the time, in addition to redesigning the cache curved screen interface with drop-down menus for some common features (like wireless base stations, said mobile) made more use of a simplified process, which will virtually achieve effective energy saving effect. The actual experience, a cell phone under normal use, even with the game play solution task time, about one and a half or two days can be used, iPhone 6s compared to it, it is a very satisfactory result.

▲ Galaxy S7 edge provided Galaxy Lab allows users to choose whether or not to try out experimental new features, Samsung revealed considerable importance to the user experience.
Incidentally, Galaxy S7 edge of the battery capacity is 3600mAh, more than the previous generation of electricity by 17.6%, measured charging cable plug charging within about 30 minutes on average, 50% of electricity can be filled, and supports wireless charging, wireless charging Specifications should be with the Galaxy Note 5 fairly.
* Curved screen:
Galaxy S7 series equipped with marshmallows Android 6.0 operating system with TouchWiz custom user interface, but the reporters that the double-curved screen design of this series the biggest difference advantage or Galaxy S7 edge have, like in the standby mode, gently touch the edge of the two, the side of the screen will display real-time information appears, and over the previous generation of user experience, the right side of the curved screen designed specially widened, and with "second screen" in conceptual design , the phone can not unlock the screen under the premise, quickly open the display surface of the screen, can select up to nine panels, the same concept as nine paging, paging is that these different meanings in the form of caching tools presented.
Cache screen interface allows users to quickly find a favorite contact, you can quickly check the weather, watch their favorite team situation, we are concerned to see the recent stock quotes, read the latest news in the most immediate, as well as a ruler, compass, flashlight and other tools . The most important is that it allows users to customize the panel width, the maximum you can do twice the previous generation of content, which is very useful, because in the previous Galaxy S6 edge or Note edge of time, because the panel is too small, often feel bad press, even the elders keep some information to share, elders also see less to, but the problem is the Galaxy S7 edge fully resolved.

Surface application ▲ ▼ Galaxy S7 edge side of the screen brings the user interface cache, so that users can quickly call common friends, or quickly check the weather, stock quotes, sports odds, breaking news, is the phone's differential advantage.

* Things applications:
Currently reporters yet to try out the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in functional application and networking vehicle worn device, and the corresponding fingerprint, mobile payment and other functions, but the cache from the menu which has been quick to use "Smart View" and "Quick Connect "the series also features a home networking device because the update to the latest version, you can quickly tandem latest Samsung devices (need to turn on Bluetooth with WiFi).

* Overall: by far the most beautiful, the best Android phone
Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has made a pretty good cell phone use, but the screen is too small, can not support microSD card design, but in fact, hold the phone up feeling, no more than a year before the launch of HTC One M8, and even the same launch of the HTC One M9, Galaxy Note 5 Some other mobile phone, coupled with the phone's endurance is a fatal, deterred people on the look of the phone, but the Galaxy S7 edge not only look more beautiful, endurance longer let reporters the first impression has changed dramatically.
Appearance, the phone screen to increase, getting better grip, the phone can be easily accommodated; in terms of power saving mechanisms, particularly open Alwas On feature, open the phone's relatively less time, saving mechanism of the phone can be considered perfect , just remember some small tricks that can not only improve the power, you can also feel the convenience of the phone; the camera functions, whether or focusing speed recording, normal, quality is quite satisfactory, the shooting mode professional, food patterns among the two most commonly used functions are reporters, and time-lapse photography with movie collage work is usually fairly easy to use tools; they have noticed a little detail and improved, this phone is the most satisfactory part.
More likely people criticized the network connection function is enabled with the camera when the problem machine, probably because the relationship between the test machine, 3G, 4G is still somewhat smooth handover, under the same test environment sensitive or not iPhone. It is again in front of that camera-enabled after, still a little crash, which is when people are not satisfied using the test machine parts.

In short, this is a quite all aspects of perfect smartphone, which functions within worth then use this phone with practical accessories, I believe, quite looking forward to tuning reporters after the official listing machine.

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