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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features, Specs and Reviews

August 2, Samsung in New York officially released its new large-screen flagship Galaxy Note7. Like once a year of the agreement, from the first generation Note brings the big screen to the fifth generation Note5 wave of double-sided glass, each generation Note arrival is a breakthrough and innovation, and today is the protagonist of the first series of 6 Note generation --Note7.

In fact, from S7 conference early this year began, Samsung in the eyes of many people has become synonymous with "black technology". Indeed, S7 elegant double curved screen, practical IP68 waterproof, powerful imaging capabilities to the left a very deep impression. And the Note7 bring science and technology but black is not less than the S7. Function more perfect S Pen, like sci-fi movies like iris unlock powerful audio and video performance capabilities, each point is worth in letters. With the arrival of the Samsung Music World Note7 cover, the author is also the first to experience the first time this powerful product, just about everyone's expectations and all questions will find answers in this article.

[Appearance and Design]

First we talk about the design. First met when Note7, and it gave me the first impression is "thin", and in his hand when feeling "mellow."

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Since the beginning of S6 Samsung flagship metal and glass design language also it has been extended on Note7, but this Note7 in the biggest design change is the inclusion of hyperbolic screen. Many people may also Samsung curved screen debut Note Edge remember, two years after the baptism of Samsung hyperbolic screen technology has become increasingly mature, so there are no surprises on Note7, it looked much more like a mixture of a S7 edge of the Note.

But not the same as with S7, Note7 first time a reverse perfectly symmetrical 3D hyperboloid screen, also said to be positive with the negative curvature of the glass panel is the same, so hold on to a more comfortable rounded sense of handshake. Fuselage equipped with a 5.7 inches of Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2560 × 1440, display is still very good.

Also worth mentioning is that, Note7 is first equipped with fifth-generation Corning Gorilla Glass phone. Fifth-generation Corning Gorilla Glass biggest upgrade is that the anti-drop performance, when the screen face down falling from a height of 1.6 meters to the rough surface, its integrity rate can reach 80%. Of course, this is only the laboratory data, when you still have to use careful.

Two from top to bottom (left: Note7 Right: Note5) After comparison, we can see the curvature of the surface Note7 becomes smaller, this change also feels more compact body, it looks up the intuitive feeling is more elongated.

The top of the fuselage has a 5 megapixel camera, F1.7 large aperture is used. In addition to the top of the light sensor, and the other is the long-awaited - the iris sensor.

Continuation of the bottom of the fuselage Samsung's design language, multi-tasking the left button on the right of return key, the middle is the Home key, support for fingerprint identification.

Here we look at the bottom of the interface. In addition to the headphone jack on the left side and the right side of the S pen, the interface Note7 in the biggest change is the inclusion of USB Type-C interface, which is Samsung's first use of the interface on your phone. USB Type-C in the data transfer and charging speed is superior to the current common mirco USB, but do not worry about the pros and cons of the interface. Samsung's use USB Type-C interface on the Note7 will also contribute to the popularity of the interface.

Like S7, SIM card slot is placed at the top of the fuselage, also supports micro SD expansion.

Fuselage rear camera uses a 12 million pixel camera, F1.7 large aperture, optical image stabilization, Dual Pixel pixel dual speed focus, this is consistent with S7 maintained.

[S pen]

Then we talk about the S pen. There is a saying that good, how can not be called a pen Note? For Samsung Note series is, S pen can be described as the existence of the soul. And every generation of Note products are constantly optimized for S pen to make writing more real, more intelligent experience.

And this is the biggest improvement S pen: it also supports the IP68 waterproof. This means that this generation Note truly written anywhere. Whether it is in the rain, or are you just showered, as long as you have the inspiration to come up with S pen can be recorded, even writing directly in the water is completely no problem!

Of course, in terms of hardware, the S pen support up to 4096 has been pressure sensitive, which also better than many professional drawing board. Such a high sense of pressure is conducive to a more delicate strokes, especially in the paint when Note7 can bring you more excellent hand-drawn experience. And even out of the S pen, Note7 body can still achieve IP68 waterproof and dustproof level, in addition to enhancing additional hardware, software for the S Pen has also been a lot of optimization. For example, the beginning of a new generation of S pen support similar painting palette, color palette support mixed to produce different textures. Seven kinds of brushes are also provided so that as much as possible to meet the user's creative needs.

In terms of intelligent multi-shot, S pen support interception generate up to 15 seconds of video GIF, but we can also share this video directly to Twitter, thus greatly increasing the S pen creative.

About the new generation S pen give you about here, the following come to talk about another long-awaited black science and technology - iris unlocked.

[Iris] Unlock

Talking Iris unlocked, many people first thought is a variety of cool science fiction movie plot. Although fingerprint recognition in the field of security has in place a very comprehensive solution, but speaking from the safety of the iris is still far superior fingerprint technology. Because a person's fingerprints are easy to copy, and from the uniqueness of the human iris, when people to two years after the iris of the human eye is almost no longer change, so will the iris as the "Password" has a better "long-term security." Some mobile phone manufacturers have been trying to iris recognition is added to the phone in the past, or because of immature technology, or because of poor experience, and finally all become temporary gimmick, this Note7 iris unlocked in the end is a gimmick or a real black & I I think this is a lot of people are concerned about a problem. Here we have to address this issue in detail under the experience.

First, we start [Settings - Security] to lock the screen and enter the iris setting, when we first use the disclaimer will pop up, we recommend everyone read it carefully.

After the prompts to complete the appropriate settings. But note that when the iris entry is not allowed to wear glasses, basically a very short time to complete the iris entry. After completion of entry can experience the iris unlocked.

Unlock time first to light up the screen, and then draw on the screen, then the eye to the iris sensor on your phone to complete the unlock. This experience suggest that you refer to our video to get started, because although I am here with a lot more words to describe, but the actual use is very fast, basically moment
Inter unlock basically feel the unlocking process.

Another problem for everyone is more concerned about the impact of glasses iris unlocked. It found that in actual use to wear glasses when the eyes can not be too far away from the phone, after commissioning a good distance unlock is very rapid, so wear glasses friends without worrying about the impact on the unlock.


In Note7 system UX hand, if you participated in before Gaylord world community Note5 new UX experience, then it will not be unfamiliar. The Note7 UX is still based on Android 6.0 system, but a new generation of Touch Wiz in some small details still has a lot of improvement and upgrading.

In addition to color with the UI has been more obvious S7 has changed beyond, in terms of wallpaper, Note7 introduced gyroscope-based dynamic wallpaper, that we constantly change as the angle of the screen wallpaper color will change accordingly.

Further assistants such as red envelopes with Chinese characteristics, functions have also been continued, and the corresponding functions and user experience is also optimized.

From the beginning of the message screen to remind S7 (Always-on Display) also be applied on Note7. And this time we can customize the information screen clock, including color with the background. Some reminders can also be added to the schedule above.

Note5 measured on the Blu-ray filtering UX on Note7 also been retained, this function filters blue light,
Less glare makes the screen looks more comfortable.

Intelligent Management also conducted a new upgrade. Overall UI design is more flat, intuitive, and joined the scoring function. Of course, common management or were retained.


Yet another black technology in terms of audio video, Note7 became the first to support HDR video playback phone.
HDR literally obviously High Dynamic Range, which is a high dynamic range, in fact, many people may be on this model is not strange, because most mobile phones now have this shooting mode. But in the field of HDR video player that is not like taking pictures while shooting a few photos are synthesized. HDR video display panel, software support, video resources all have special requirements. Currently HDR video playback technology in some high-end television more applications, such as Samsung's SUHD TV, and mobile phones Note7 first time. Richness of color HDR video screen and dynamic range of non-generic video can be compared.

Of course, a problem currently facing the HDR video is limited native HDR video content. But do not worry, Note7 has long been good for you want to solve this problem the method. In the settings we can open the "Video Enhancement Program", by this feature can improve picture and sound quality of the video, the overall feel will be more vivid and bright colors.


In the hardware configuration, Note7 adopted Xiaolong 820 / Exynos 8890 + 4G memory + 64G memory configuration, the body comes in storage have been greatly improved compared to S7. Battery capacity of 3500mAh. The author got Note7 is Xiaolong 820 version.


In the photo, Note7 camera hardware with S7 to maintain a consistent. Front camera is 500 million pixels, F1.7 large aperture, rear camera uses a 12 million pixel camera, F1.7 large aperture, optical image stabilization, support for Dual Pixel AF speed, low light environment can shoot better proofs. Overall Note7 continuation of the S7 excellent picture quality experience. Let's look at proofs.

Although there is no particular change with S7 hardware, but also have some changes in terms of the camera mode, for example, the camera interface supports four directions slide, the user can switch between front and rear camera by sliding up and down the screen, more simple and convenient.

【to sum up】

The arrival of Note7 still give us a surprise, IP68 waterproof grade, more powerful S pen, iris unlock these black mobile phone technology allows Note7 serious homogenization of today ahead. And Note7 hyperbolic screen design so that the original business of the Note series than a hint of stylish atmosphere. But I lament most is that after so many generations of development, Samsung's Note series and did not lose his soul --S pen, and bring the more perfect writing experience, as opposed to many casual dare claiming Note phone, this is the Galaxy Note's "forget the early heart" of it.

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