Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specs vs Motorola Moto Z

Last night (August 2)n New York, Samsung officially launched its new flagship GALAXY Note 7, and the first time after the release, Lenovo Moto in the other vendors do not have any action when, in its official microblogging released a big map "I have not debut you passed 7 (gas) ", the metaphor has been directly Note 7 gas products, but this figure also indicates that the upcoming Moto Z on sale in China, and its modular design for future mobile phone only just the beginning. Compared to Samsung's tinkering, I more optimistic about moto-liter modular dimension innovative ideas.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Full phone specifications
Samsung Note 7 using 5.7 inches Super AMOLED display, equipped Xiaolong 821 (with 820 processor difference is not large) quad-core processor, 4G LPDDR4 RAM, 64GB storage, maximum support 256GB TF card expansion, also equipped with the same S7 camera combination, front 500 million pixels +1200 million rear pixel camera, 3500mAh battery, support IP68 waterproof.

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At the same time Samsung is also the second since Note7 S6 / S7edge largest hyperboloid screen phone, it was more like a large version of the S7 edge, while the Note 7 sculptured screen gives the feeling seems to be falling down a curved screen Samsung this Terrier , all of their flagship model selected screen surface. But with the change of aesthetic ideas of everyone, the double-curved screen Note7 can be accepted by users, or wait for the market test.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features and Review
For Note 7 is perhaps the most anticipated was undoubtedly its S pen and iris recognition, S pen features new translation (Translate) compared to the previous zoom (Magnify) and application overview (Glance) three new features, S pen new features for business people to better use. Its first equipped with iris scanning feature, which allows users to quickly scan the eye to unlock the device, this feature is Samsung's innovative mobile phone for so many years in the biggest attempt.

Of course, with the accumulation of experience and development of mobile phone technology, mobile phone innovation in functionality there are some new ideas. Compared to the Samsung Note 7 bold attempt in the iris function. Released in June of Moto Z series modular phones appear to be more innovative, market-proven popular since Moto Z / Z Force Verizon version July 27 in the United States, reflecting the needs of everyone modular phone far more than the current traditional models on the market.

Moto Z series phones main selling point is the modularity, combined with relevant Moto Mods phone function expansion module to enrich mobile applications, mobile phone has more features in addition to communication, so as to enhance the user experience.

Moto Z uses 5.5 inches 2K Ultra HD display, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of memory to run, and has two versions of 32GB and 64GB storage, supports up to 2TB TF card expansion, 500-megapixel front-megapixel rear +1300 combination rear camera, 2600mAh battery, while Moto Z Force is equipped with a 3500mAh battery, support the new fingerprint identification system, turbo fast charge technology.

Ultimate Moto Z Force also uses a second-generation Moto ShatterShiled pole Yu technology, even if the phone is dropped on the floor phone screen will not be easy to break anymore, while the rear camera will be upgraded to 21 million pixels, compared to the flagship Moto Z version of the Z Force appear to be more attractive.

From the configuration point of view Moto Z series phones with Samsung's new flagship Note 7 or less, on the innovative features, the Samsung flagship iris recognition and a new S pen features belong to the software level innovative features. The Moto Z series phones is the future development of mobile phones to innovate, from hardware to software to break through the traditional, the phone features and applications development.

For Moto Z series phones, its modular concept is one of the main functions implemented many mobile phone users look for many years, its release has also been widespread concern in the mobile phone industry. Moto Mods module combination Moto Z through its matching, so that the phone has a traditional single increase endurance, increase sound, mobile projectors and other functions, as the official sound of the corresponding module for Moto Z series mobile phones will be more fun .

Current official official launch Power Pack power modules, JBL SoundBoost music module, Insta-Share Projector projection module, according to network news broke internationally renowned manufacturers Lenovo will jointly launch Moto Z series phones exclusive photography module, but also provides users with the official Mods module development platform to provide technical and financial support to encourage users to create more and more fun Mods module.

Network transmission module photography

According to overseas media reports CNET and Aivanet, moto Z and moto force in the United States July 28 Verizon to open sale by various media praise. September will visit China's Moto Z is definitely worth the wait.

At the same time, the phone's exterior design, Moto Z series also uses military aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel, supplemented by nano waterproof coating, in addition to enhancing the texture of the outer cell phone can play an effective waterproof. Phone 5.2mm thickness plus metal body, so this modular phone when not in use Mods modules are color values ​​overflowed.

And the release of the Samsung Note compared Moto Z in the thickness of the thinner 2.5mm, even if it is combined with related phone module, the thickness of the phone Moto Z is not too thick. These modules added to subvert the traditional mobile phone hardware development and expansion of the functional limitations of the phone allows users to have more functions and expand the autonomy, more practical.

Moto Z equipped with projection module

The Samsung Note 7 for the first time the use of iris recognition, people really worth the wait, but the double-curved screen design, people have regarded Samsung curved screen in the stem, or the Samsung design bottleneck. At a time when Moto Z series modular design, it is a lot of people see the hope and the future direction of mobile phone, "I'm not on stage, you have passed gas."

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