Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Samsung Note 7 Iris Unlock more Securer than a Fingerprint Unlock?

Samsung's new Galaxy Note 7 continues the series of smart phones all the features Note: the big screen, waterproof, equipped with S Pen stylus. However, the new model also has a long-rumored, is gradually entering the field of consumer electronics New features: an iris scan.

Galaxy Note 7 infrared distance sensor and camera module to identify the user whether or not to move to the front of the phone (distance 25-35 cm). This camera can quickly scan the user's iris, then based on biometric data stored on your phone to unlock the device. In addition, Note 7 users can also save the contract or passport and other personal documents on your phone to unlock only through the iris scan security folder.

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Samsung said: iris scanning is not the smart phone's main security features, but with the extra weight of a fingerprint sensor security currently widely used with, the user can freely choose to use or not. However, the addition of an iris scan occurs at the time of the smartphone security fingerprint sensor to be tested. Authorities, researchers and hackers have proven personal fingerprint image created 3D printed model can be used to unlock protected by fingerprint smartphone.

Iris scanning can not be completely reassuring - even Samsung does not assert an iris scan is more secure than fingerprint scanning - but some researchers have pointed out that great randomness allows the iris are difficult to forge. (Iris scan is a highly controversial topic, government agencies at the time of the launch of an iris scan based pilot project did not fully assess the impact on privacy.)

Red film scanning is entering the consumer electronics field. Microsoft Windows-based Lumia 950 and 950XL smart phones, as well as support for Windows 10 Windows Hello laptops, now have an iris scan function; there are some reports that the next iPhone may increase iris scan.

However, in the short term, it is to make Samsung might become the main trend of the iris scan smart phone manufacturers. It is reported that Samsung's flagship phone Galaxy S7 first quarter sales beat the iPhone in the United States, Samsung claimed that "flat mobile phone" is its smart phone products, the most rapid growth in the category. Of course, the iris scan only Note 7 on an accessibility feature, but users may soon become accustomed to it.