Friday, March 20, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 5s - From Restore Samsung Contacts Blogger

When talking about the most popular smart phones, iPhone and Samsung may come to our mind more often than not. Some users are quite confused about which one to choose when they want a new phone. In the following part, I will tell about their differences in eight aspects. It is left for you to decide if iPhone 5s or Samsung S5 is better because everyone has his own taste.

1. Appearance: Both with Their Own Features
The first impression that a phone makes comes from its exterior design. The main part of Samsung Galaxy S5 is made of IP67-Level waterproof and dust-proof plastics while the material of iPhone 5s is more metal-like.
The size of iPhone 5s is smaller in height, width and breadth and, due to this fact, it weigh less than Samsung S5.
In terms of colors, there are more for Galaxy S5 than for iPhone 5s. Samsung users can choose among black, blue, white or brown which iPhone users grey, white or golden. You can see all of them in the pictures below. And it is quite difficult to determine which is more user-friendly. Some just like phones with bigger screen, but some prefer smaller phone. Also, Apple has released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus considering the former’s need.

2. Interface: Samsung is More Complicated
Generally, iOS 7 is simpler than TouchWiz. Samsung users hardly use those fancy functions such as gesture-based control and intelligence operation.

3. RAM and Battery: Larger RAM and Battery for S5
The RAM of iPhone 5s is 1GB and that of S5 is 2GB. As for memory, Apple offers us with 16GB/32GB/64GB of storage while Samsung 16/32 of that. But, MicroSD card is not supported by iPhone. Let’s just said that each have their own advantages.

4. Resolution: Samsung S5 is Clearer
The 4-inch screen of iPhone is at a resolution of 1136*640 while the resolution of Galaxy S5’ 5.1-inch screen is 1920*1080. Apparently, with a pixel density of 432ppi, Samsung has clearer a screen than iPhone which is 326ppi/pixel.

5. Fingerprint Sensor: S5 was more powerful
Notice the word “was”? Yeah, in the past, Paypal is only supported by Samsung. But, this year, with iOS 8, things are not quite the same now. The only difference when using the sensors is that you have to swipe down your finger on a S5 and hold it still on an iPhone 5s.

6.Camera: The Rear Camera of S5 is 16-Megapixel
Most users like taking pictures with their phones as it is convenient. And now, with the better and better camera a smart phone has got, it is believed that more and more people is going to use them as a traditional camera alternative. The rear camera of S5 is 16-megapixel, twice higher than iPhone 5s. And the front camera of Samsung is 2-megapixel while that of iPhone 5s is 1.2-megapixel. And yet there are more functions offered by the Samsung camera app. Besides, Samsung users are allowed to do a 4K video.

7.Service: Apple Does Not Only Offer Hardware But Also Software
The OS on Samsung S5 is Android while that on iPhone 5s is created by itself. And when software combined with hardware, it is usually better than a single one of them. The famous iCloud and iTunes can be taken for examples here