Friday, March 20, 2015

How to Fix A Water Damaged iPhone or Samsung Phone

It was reported from foreign media that many users have ever accidently made their cell phones fall into swimming pools, closestools or beer glasses, or even put them into washing machine with jeans. In these situations, what should you do?

Fix A Water Damaged iPhone
1.You should get your phone out of the water as soon as possible, immediately remove the battery in order to prevent short circuits; at the same time take out the SIM card to avoid losing the contact information. The longer the phone stays in the liquid, the more severe damage it suffers.
2.Watch whether the water damage sensor changes its color. It is a white point near the battery holder. If it turns red, support service staff will know this is not a problem of equipment quality and that instead it's a result of you using the phone improperly to make it water-damaged. So don’t expect repair service and insurance in this situation, just pay to get it repaired.
3.It's lucky for your phone to fall into freshwater rather than salt water. Because the salt water will form into salt crust in the phone’s delicate internals. Thus, if your phone falls into the sea water by accident, you only need to wash it with freshwater lightly -- certainly after removing battery as well as SIM card, before drying.

4.Each part of the phone with a piece of cloth or handkerchief. Don't move or shake it too much, lest the water runs around your mobile phone inside.
5.Try wrapping the mobile phone with cloth or handkerchief for a few minutes, creating a little vacuum effect to suck up excessive water. If possible, put your phone in the place with warm air circulation for several hours.
6.Finally, place your phone into a jar or a bag filled with rice for over 24 hours. During the process you must keep your phone off. Rice is absorbent so that it can help you save your damp phone.
7.24 hours later, you can try powering on the phone. I wish there is no remaining corrosion or shorting. If the charger works but battery can't, you have to change some parts of your cell phone.

fix water damaged phone
Four rescue steps:
Step 1. Save the mobile phone out of water. Take out the battery as fast as you can.
Step 2. Remove SIM card out of the phone, make it sucked up by handkerchief and then dry it out at a ventilated and dry place.
Step 3. Use a hairdryer to blow it with cold wind one or two hours, or use a fan to blow it a day and night. Then place it somewhere ventilated and dry. If the ways above don't work, just directly put it at a ventilated and dry place, after three days turn on the phone. (If disassembling tool is at hand, you’d better use it to take apart the cell phone to dry each component, which works better.)
Step 4. Generally speaking, your cell phone can recover well after the three steps above unless it soaks in the water for too long. If it can't recover, maybe the motherboard is broken and you should take it to the repairing pit.

1. Using a hairdryer to blow the water damaged phone with hot wind or exposing it under the sun will easily make its circuit board out of shape.
2. Don't power off the phone by pressing "off" switch. Because once you press “off” switch, the phone will power up and perhaps short-circuit occurs, which leads to a damaged motherboard of it.
3. Don't restart your wet phone to take a try frequently. At least 24 hours later, put on the battery and try to see how the matter is getting on.
4. Don't touch any key on the phone in case that short-circuit damages it.

Now you know how to save a wet phone. But do you think the recovery process is over? "No!" Inevitably, data loss usually takes place with a damaged phone. How to do depends on the system your phone uses. Here I mainly talk about file recovery of iPhone and Android phones.
If you are an iPhone users, once your want to fix "iPhone water damege" issue, you can try the following steps:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable.
Step 2. Run the iPhone Data Recovery and choose a suitable one from the three ways: Recover from iOS device/iTunes backup/iCloud backup.
Note: If you select "Recover from iCloud Backup File", you have to sign in your Apple account as it requires.
Step 3. Click "Start Scan" to scan the files you choose and preview them.
Step 4. Tick the categories you want to recover files from. Choose those data you want to get back and click "Recover" button to recover them.

If your water-damaged phone runs Android OS system, to recover lost data from it with Android Data Recovery, you can refer to How to Recover Deleted Files on Android.
For more references, you should backup important files often and take good care of your phone in case that it suffers water damage.