Sunday, March 1, 2015

If your phone fall into the water...How to fix a phone after dropped into water?

Many people may fall their phone into the water by careless,some phone users may ask How to Save a Wet Cell Phone? How to save your phone from water damage? How to dry out water damaged phone? Today,let’s teach you the best way to handle your wet phone, when your phone fell into the water.

If you open the phone is switched on, then the first thing to do is to stop its power work. According to the letter an engineer, how do cell phones out of the water?

After the mobile water, the first to do is turn off the power, of course, do not press the off button, but removed the battery. Press and hold off because of a button, the phone will power work, it is a short circuit may occur, resulting in damage to the phone. So no matter what the phone was in a state, the battery was removed are more appropriate approach. Do not remove the battery yourself after treatment with a hair dryer, should be sent immediately to disassemble repair professionals do into water. If it fell into the water in which it is best not to deal with their own, if it is out in the water inside it, surrounded by absolute alcohol, then you can own the first battery removed with anhydrous alcohol to clean the side of the phone, because ethanol evaporation faster, so you can keep the phone in emergency repairs before sent to maintain his life. Then use a heat gun or hair dryer. After drying the board can be powered test machine, most phones will work properly.

Such as falling into water should immediately wash, when dealing with the first deal could see the dirt clean. With a brush attached to the component pin brush away impurities. Then, with the alcohol swab to scrub the board, such as pollution, should be washed by means of ultrasonic vibration analyzer impurities out of treatment. Then dry air gun board, after all the chips are welding again. Fell into the water, the post to be repaired, dedicated staff will make into the water, such as water or corrosive liquids dropped inside, but also with drying after ultrasonic cleaning, maintenance treatment before the next step.

After the water can still be used as a mobile phone, but should be sent to professional treatment, in order to avoid corrosion of the circuit board, causing irreparable. Phone into the water how to do? Do not panic, because most phones are able to restore the original function through the maintenance and repair costs on mobile water, generally based on the damage to the phone's pricing varies, generally between 50 to 100 yuan. This article briefly describes some of the common ways of how to do the phone out of the water. I hope this can help. The phone out of the water is relatively common phenomenon, more than most mobile phone users are inevitable to happen. But "work" even determine your phone's life and out of the water after use of the phone, so it is very important how to operate.

Lost Data On Your Phone After Fall Into The Water

How to recover data from water damage Android phone and iPhone?

For iPhone users,you can recover lost data from a water damaged iPhone with the help of iPhone Data Recovery software,which allows you restore lost contacts, text messages, phtos, videos, notes,ect...the iOS Data Recovery provides you three ways to recover data from water damaged iPhone: Directly scan and recover lost data from water damaged iPhone if your iPhone is switched on; scan and extract iPhone data from iTunes backup files; download and extacts backup data from iCloud.

For Android users,if your Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and other android phone is fall into the water and cuase lost data.Here,I recommend you use this Android Data Recovery software,you can use this data recovery to restore lost sms,contacts, photos, videos and whatsapp from water damaged android phone directly.

Tips: How to dry out water damaged iPhone/iPad/iPod?
The primary and key thing you need to do is to get water out of your phone as soon as possible.
Follow these steps to dry out iPhone/iPad/iPod at first. If you are lucky, you may get iPhone/iPad/iPod back in working order soon.

1) Remove it from the water immediately.
2) Turn the iPhone/iPad/iPod off.
3) Dry it off with a towel.
Important Note: Remember not to dry it off with a blow dryer as this could melt the circuit board and other parts.
4) Put iPhone/iPad/iPod in a bunch of silica packets, or in the bowl of uncooked rice and cover it up.
5) Leave the device in the rice for at least 24 hours and preferably 48 hours. Hopefully, after 24 - 48 hours iPhone/iPad/iPod will have dried out, the logic board wasn’t damaged, and hopefully you can turn it on and the device will work.
If not, your next option is to see if it can be repaired without much cost.