Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Recover Deleted Files from Samsung Galaxy S5

“Can I recover deleted photos from Galaxy S5? I accidentally erased all the photos and videos in the gallery app, photos of my baby boy doing cute things for the last two months, they are very important to me.”--Ask by Rula in Samsung androidcentral

"I am using Samsung Galaxy S5. Yestreday I accidentally deleted the folder on the device in which all my pictures and videos were stored. The deleted folder was saved on the SD card inside the phone. These files are so important for me that I can not bear the thinking of losing them. So I was wondering if someone can give me legit advice and guidance on how I can recover these deleted files from Samsung Galaxy S5."--Ask by KItt in Android forum

Deleted files can be recovered by Samsung data recovery tool

When you encountered with such situations, please don’t worry! Actually you can use professional Samsung data recovery tool to restore the deleted files with ease. I have the successfully experience. About two weeks ago, my son was messing around with my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone and deleted a lot of photos and videos. And later I tried several Android data recovery programs to retrieve them. Finally, one of the programs called Dr.Fone Free Android Data Recovery helped me to get back the lost files effectively

Recover Files from Samsung Galaxy S5
How to recover deleted files from Samsung Galaxy S5

I have ever use this powerful Android Data Recover software,which is a powerful data recovery tool for Android devices. It can help you easily to recover lost data from Samsung Galaxy S5. The program can find and list all the deleted files by scanning the device. And you are allowed to preview all the recoverable files and selectively retrieve those you want. Now you can download the software and try to use it to recover your lost data. The following step-by-step guide can recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S5.

Download the free trial of Galaxy S5 Recovery, install and run it on your PC. Then connect your Galaxy S5 to it.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Select file types for recovering. You can select photos, videos, music, whatsapp history, contacts, text messages and documents.

Scan deleted photos and other data on your Galaxy S5, and recover lost photos by hitting the “Recover” button.

The deleted photos and videos can be retrieved is because they are not permanently erased from Galaxy S5, the deletion only mark the storage of deleted files as a blank area for storing new files when necessary. So, stop using Samsung Galaxy S5 once realized that you deleted photos.
Tips: You can use this Samsung Galaxy Recovery to recover deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy S5.

Now,you can free download the Samsung Data Recovery:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

If you are still using other Samsung Galaxy S series phone and encounter data loss, don’t hesitate to try Galaxy S5 Data Recovery. This software supports Samsung Galaxy S4 data recovery, Samsung Galaxy s3 data recovery, and more.